2014 Legacy Reining Breeders Sale

Legacy Breeders Sale
Held October 17, 2014
105 horses consigned
$1,714,350 gross for a $16,327 average
80 sold (76%), $1,207,650 net, $15,096 average and $12,000 median.
Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

1            Xtra Jacked Voodoo            $15,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 palomino s) (Shiners Voodoo Dr x Wimpys All Jacked Up x Wimpys Little Step); Xtra Quarter Horses.

2            Wallys Enterprise            $6,700
(1/1/2013 grullo m) (Walla Walla Whiz x Dun Its Enterprise x Hollywood Dun It); Green Valley Ranch; Alan Chappell.

3            Miss Cutter Legend            $4,800
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Custom Legend x Missfiftykingcutter x Lad’s 50); Steve Simon; Sherry Adams.

4            Lil Ruf Crome            $17,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Custom Crome x Lil Ruf Sara x Lil Ruf Peppy); Judy Box; David Williamson.

5            Tagg Up            $4,700
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Whiz N Tag Chex x This Chic N Whiz x Smart Chic Olena); Tom/Mandy McCutcheon; Nathan O’Conner.

6            Dunit Showtimes            $8,500
(1/1/2013 red dun s) (Dun It Gotta Gun x Showtimes Tinseltown x Great Red Pine); Jerry Kimmel; Debbie Metcalf.

7            Mercedes Echol            $3,800
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Smokin Echol x Smokin 45); Bob Loomis Quarter Horses; Matt Murphy.

8            Star Spangled Holly            $10,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Star Spangled Whiz x Holly O Jay x Master Jay); Sterling Ranch.

9            Crow About Hang Ten            $7,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Hang Ten Surprize x Crow About This x Gallo Del Cielo); Pro Fit Equine, Agent.

10            Rox Paper Scissors            $6,200
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Mister Nicadual x Hollywood Roxy x Hollywood Jac 86); McQuay Stables, Inc.; Walt Burdette.

11a            Spooks Gotta Spark            $21,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 buckskin s) (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Dollittle Lena x Shining Spark); Debbie Huber.

12            Dunit In Ebony            $4,200
(1/1/2013 black m) (Dun It With A Twist x Juanita Chex x Topsail Cody); Darling 888 Ranch; Miguel Villegas.

13            Magnums Peppy            $15,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Magnum Chic Dream x Mattie Pep x Peppy San Badger); Jeanne Jackson; JG Reining Horses.

14            Miss BH Einstein            $4,000
(1/1/2013 dun m) (Einsteins Revolution x Misty Eyed BH Pine x Chrome Plated Pin); Troop Quarter Horses; Ginny Gregory.

15            Gunna Crome Ya            $34,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Crome Shiner x Custom Crome); Pro Fit Equine, Agent; Hoby Horn.

16            Good Nite Kiss            $4,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Gunners Special Nite x Si Hershey Bar x Si Olena); Gary Putman, Agent.

17            Ha Blonde Gunner            $30,000
(1/1/2013 palomino m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Smart Blonde Chic x Smart Chic Olena); Hillis Akin Family Partnership; Loren Booth.

18            Two Timin At Midnite            $4,200 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 red dun m) (Gunners Special Nite x Miss Timed To Shine x Shining Spark); Kindra Rader.

19            Gunshot N Tinseltown            $100,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Tinseltown Wimpy x Wimpys Little Step); Ron McRorie.

20            Chexy In Diamonds            $15,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Whizkey N Diamonds x Chexy In Jewels x Bueno Chexinic); Pro Fit Equine, Agent.

20a            Chuggin Whizkey            $27,500
(1/1/2013 buckskin s) (Whizkey N Diamonds x Smart Chuka Lena x Smart Chic Olena); Rhodes River Ranch; Lisa Jacquin.

21            Gunner Dunnit            $29,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Docs Dunnit Bar x Hollywood Dun It); Pro Fit Equine, Agent.

22            Pale Faced Dancer            $10,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel/overo m) (Pale Face Dunnit x Dancer Nic x Tinsel Nic); Schmersal Reining Horses; Ladde Homm.

23            Legends Chex Mark            $4,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Custom Legend x Master Card Chex x Master Remedy); Steve Simon.

24            Master Pieces            $7,700
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Master Snapper x Remedys Sure Slide x Bueno Chexinic); Green Valley Ranch; Aldo Ramon.

25            Dunit At Midnite            $15,500
(1/1/2013 chestnut m) (Gunners Special Nite x Chexy Dun It x Hollywood Dun It); Turnabout Farm Inc.; Garth Hystad.

26            Little Red Step            $14,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel/overo s) (Wimpys Little Step x Docs Little Gunner x Colonels Smoking Gun); Claude Lindsey; Mario Madrigal.

27            Lil Gunner Twist            $11,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Miss Boo Twist x Boogernic); Teddy Wynn.

28            Silky Nu Guns            $15,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Nu Silk Stockings x Nu Cash); Darling 888 Ranch; Elizabeth Weston.

29            Xtra Little Pistol            $16,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 palomino s) (Wimpys Little Step x Ruf Pistol x Lil Ruf Peppy); Xtra Quarter Horses.

30            Face Of A Gun Model            $22,000
(1/1/2013 red dun m) (Pale Face Dunnit x Ms Maggie Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Schmersal Reining Horses; Martin Larcombe.

31            That Kind Of Night            $9,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Gunners Special Nite x Doc Santa Bell x Colonels Smoking Gun); Tom & Mandy McCutcheon; Chris Sullivan.

32            Chex Out My Dough            $7,500
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Outta Dough x Chexanicki x Bueno Chexinic); Dorothy Queen; Houde & Tremblay.

33            Late Nite Show            $17,000
(1/1/2013 palomino s) (Gunners Special Nite x Good Time Show Girl x Hollywood Dun It); Turnabout Farm Inc.; Jeff Kasten.

34            This Stars A Dually            $3,500
(1/1/2013 chestnut m) (Mister Nicadual x Dun It On A Star x Hollywood Dun It); Jerry Kimmel; Ray Murphy.

35            ARC Dun With Ya            $29,000
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Gunnatrashya x Dun With Surprizes x Jerry Lees Surprize); Arcese Quarter Horses USA; Roger Parks.

36            Red River Mercedes            $4,700
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Best By Tari x Taris Catalyst); Bob Loomis Quarter Horses; Mario Madrigal.

37            Xtra Wimpy Juice            $21,000
(1/1/2013 palomino s) (Wimpys Little Step x SLJ Dun Juice x Smart Like Juice); Xtra Quarter Horses; Mario Madrigal.

38            Smoking Guns Rush            $12,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Rush N Cat x Little Rush); Pro Fit Equine, Agent; Matt Armenta.

39            Lapua            $25,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 chestnut s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Walla Walla Wanda x Taris Catalyst); Brad Giesbrecht & Pat Garrett.

40            Tinseltowns New Gun            $38,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Dun It In Tinseltown x Hollywood Dun It); Silva Reining Horses; Mario Madrigal.

41            Izzy Mercedes            $3,700
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Gettinsmart x Smart Chic Olena); Bob Loomis Quarter Horses; Miguel Villegas.

42            Dun It At Nite            $7,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Gunners Special Nite x Dun Its Deja Vu x Hollywood Dun It); Tom/Mandy McCutcheon; Shelley Brazill.

43            Gunners Not Painted            $13,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Darlins Not Painted x Smokin Chic Olena); Turnabout Farm Inc; Thad Carr.

44            ARC Ms Whiz            $14,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Walla Walla Whiz x Ms Clare Melody x Mr Melody Jac); Arcese Quarter Horses USA; Sergio Elia.

45            Fortunate Son            $19,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Custom Made Dunit x Hollywood Dun It); Lee Uselton, DVM.

46            Jes Flashy            $20,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Jacs Electric Spark x Shes Berry Flashy x Boggies Flashy Jac); Troy/Andrea Heikes; Martin Larcombe.

47            Dun It Like A Boss            $16,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Hollywood Dun It x The Boss Kid x Brennas Kid); McQuay Stables, Inc.; Steve Marbry.

48            Luckie Moonstone            $10,000
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Spooks Gotta Gun x My Lucky Moonstone x Topsail Whiz); Loren Booth; Oso Horses.

49            Gunner Be Shiney            $23,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Shiners Crystal x Shining Spark); McQuay Stables, Inc.; Theo Gooris.

50            Brother Has A Gun            $17,000
(1/1/2013 bay g) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Dry Scoots x Dry San); Sergio Elia; Miguel Villegas.

51            Hollywood Pocita            $8,500
(1/1/2013 red dun m) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Pocita Senorita x Smart Chic Olena); Darling 888 Ranch; Peggy Lovejoy.

52            Topgunbypoco            $6,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Gunners Special Nite x Lil Poco Freckles x Queens Colonel); Larry Wolfe; Reid Fady.

53            Seismic Reaction            $57,000
(1/1/2013 buckskin s) (Hollywood Dun It x Herbs Lady x Grays Starlight); Hendricks Reining Horses Inc.; Frank Costantini.

54            Xtra Tejana Step            $20,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Wimpys Little Step x Tejana Chic x Smart Chic Olena); Xtra Quarter Horses.

56            Justa Cool Nite            $38,000
(1/1/2013 chestnut s) (Gunners Special Nite x Justa Spring Freckle x Freckle Kid); Tom/Mandy McCutcheon; Todd Martin.

57            Showtimes Nicadual            $7,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Mister Nicadual x Showtimes Tinseltown x Great Red Pine); Jerry Kimmel; GPB Ranch.

60            ARC Who Do You Cee            $15,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Walla Walla Whiz x Hickorys Holly Cee x Doc’s Hickory); Arcese Quarter Horses USA; Luigi Parise.

61            Special Mi            $27,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Gunners Special Nite x Mi Mega x Marthas Mega Jac); John Covington.

62            Tinseltown Shinetta            $15,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 palomino m) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Smart Shinetta x Shining Spark); Lyle Lovett.

63            Duallin For Chics            $10,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Mister Nicadual x Chics Marcie x Smart Chic Olena); Monica Mathison.

64            Hollywoodspackinheat            $9,500
(1/1/2013 red dun m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Hollywood Roxy x Hollywood Jac 86); McQuay Stables, Inc.; Jesus Dorantes.

65            Radioactive Wrangler            $20,000
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Starlights Wrangler x A Shining Starlett x Shining Spark); Hendricks Reining Horses Inc.; Andreas Hofman.

66            Nicatiny            $6,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Mister Nicadual x Dun It On A Star x Hollywood Dun It); Jerry Kimmel; Bill Williams.

67            Hot Hollywood Guns            $33,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Hot Hollywood Jewels x Hollywood Dun It); Turnabout Farm Inc.; Rancho Santa Cecillia.

68            Pending            $16,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel/white m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x The Green Jacket x Gallo Del Cielo); Darling 888 Ranch, Agent; Elizabeth Weston.

69            Bellingham Belle            $4,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Walla Walla Whiz x Dun Its Shadow x Hollywood Dun It); Susan & Harry Jones; Jesus Dorantes.

70            Alwaysshineyergunsup            $80,000
(1/1/2013 palomino s) (Smart And Shiney x Always Gotyer Gunsup x Colonels Smoking Gun); McQuay Stables, Inc.; Carol Rose.

71            Mo Tinseltown            $20,000
(1/1/2013 palomino s) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Lenas Ruby Chex x Smart Peppy Lena); Silva Reining Horses; JG Reining Horses.

72            Tinker With Sparks            $32,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 chestnut m) (Tinker With Guns x Spooks N Sparks x Smart Spook); Pro Fit Equine, Agent.

73            Lil Ruff Spook            $12,500 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Smart Spook x Lil Jewel x Lil Ruf Peppy); Sterling Ranch.

75            Mercedes N Pearls            $10,000
(1/1/2013 buckskin m) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Katijac Miss x Hollywood Jac 86); Kindra Rader; Garry Sutton.

76            Get Set Gun            $34,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Miss Brim Peppy x Lil Ruf Peppy); Turnabout Farm Inc.; Green Valley Ranch.

77            Missin Tinseltown            $30,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 palomino s) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Coronas Missin Star x Missin James); McQuay Stables, Inc..

79            Duallys Footwork            $7,500
(1/1/2013 palomino s) (Mister Nicadual x Footworks Yellow Jac x Footworks Finest); Jerry Kimmel; Walter Fuchs.

80            Stars At Midnite            $18,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Gunners Special Nite x Chic Olena Starbuck x Smart Starbuck); Turnabout Farm Inc.; Tom McCutcheon.

81            Xtra Wim N Annie            $15,500
(1/1/2013 palomino s) (Wimpys Little Step x Oaks Little Annie x Doc’s Oak); Xtra Quarter Horses; Carlie Thompson.

82            Tari Tinseltown Girl            $20,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Taris Little Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Crews Reining Horses LLC; Roxanne Koepsell.

84            Outta Chexanicki            $20,000
(1/1/2013 brown m) (Outta Dough x Chexanicki x Bueno Chexinic); Dorothy Queen; Toyon Ranch.

85            Saras Gotta Whiz            $9,500
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Lil Ruf Sara x Lil Ruf Peppy); Judy Box; Tatiana Scaramuzza.

86            Baileys Sidekick            $15,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Gunners Special Nite x A Shining Sidekick x Starbucks Sidekick); Turnabout Farm Inc; Debbie Arballo.

87            Xtra Radiant Step            $10,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 s m) (Wimpys Little Step x Sparkling Radiance x Shining Spark); Xtra Quarter Horses.

88            Shining My Crome            $30,500
(1/1/2013 palomino m) (Custom Crome x Shiners Mistress x Shining Spark); Green Valley Ranch; Garth Hystad.

89            Cromed Out Prises            $9,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Prise N Shine x For Sale Enterprise); Bob Loomis Quarter Horses.

90            Pearled Spook            $13,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Smart Spook x Solanos Pearl x Mr Solano Rey); Sterling Ranch; Judy Box.

92            Star Spangled Bareta            $11,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Star Spangled Whiz x Solanos Baretta x Mr Solano Rey); Sterling Ranch; Linden Tacholsky.

93            Gunninforaplusone            $24,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Plus One Chex x Nu Chex To Cash); Upstream.

95            Smart And Great            $5,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Great Resolve x Smart Sugar Pop x Smart Chic Olena); Susan/Harry Jones; Julie Magness.

96            Our Special Nite            $15,000
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Gunners Special Nite x SL Lenas Chick x Lena Spark); Bur Oak LLC; Matt Armenta.

98            Mif Dee Mercedes            $5,000
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Mif Dee Bay x Mifillena); Bob Loomis Quarter Horses; Martha Torkington.

99            Bsmart In Tinseltown            $9,000
(1/1/2013 bay s) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Smart Blue Frost x Smart Little Lena); Sergio Elia; Alex Malo.

100            Shinin N Chic            $7,000
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Smart And Shiney x Smokin Chic x Smart Chic Olena); McQuay Stables, Inc.; Alex Malo.

101            The Prima Ballerina            $18,500
(1/1/2013 chestnut m) (Topsail Whiz x Dancer Nic x Tinsel Nic); Schmersal Reining Horses; Jennifer Gillhlam.

102            Pearl Haggard            $34,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2013 palomino s) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Gunners Pearl x Colonels Smoking Gun); Silva Reining Horses.

103            Gunners Special One            $5,000
(1/1/2013 red dun m) (Gunners Special Nite x Whiz Okie Style x Topsail Whiz); Fred Lenertz; Tom McCutcheon.

104            Leather Lace N Guns            $21,500
(1/1/2013 chestnut m) (Gunners Special Nite x Tinseltown Wimpy x Wimpys Little Step); Ron McRorie; Dallas Cunningham.

105            Legendary Model            $3,750
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Custom Legend x Topnotch Melody x Gunners Rambo); Steve Simon; Kalyn Sanders.

106            Princess N Mercedes            $4,000
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Wowsanic x Reminic); Alain Longatte; Lee Holtz.

107            Show Like A Dream            $4,500
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Magnum Chic Dream x Miss Danakanic x Reminic); Kevin Showman; Bill Bradley.

108            Gotta Shiney Gun            $8,500
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Spooks Gotta Gun x Shin N The Finals x Shining Spark); Susan/Harry Jones; Miguel Villegas.

109            Smart Matrix            $11,500
(1/1/2013 black m) (Smart Spook x Mates Matrix x Smart Mate); Pro Fit Equine, Agent; Shawn Hays.

110            Shes A Downtown            $6,200
(1/1/2013 dun m) (Dun It Gotta Gun x Downtown Tinseltown x Great Red Pine); Jerry Kimmel; Alex Malo.

111            Runnin And Gunnin            $26,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Nics Peach x Reminic); Jeanne Jackson; Jesse Orejel Jr..

112            Dun Whiz N Crome            $6,700
(1/1/2013 bay m) (Whiz N Crome x Topsail Dun It x Hollywood Dun It); GWR Consulting; Michael Marks.

113            Velvets Custom Whiz            $4,500
(1/1/2013 sorrel m) (Custom Legend x Dude Lady Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Baruch Reining Horses, Agent; Andy Chwala.