Dennis Moreland Tack #HV11 Hackamore

DMThackamoreDennis Moreland Tack #HV11 HackamoreThe hackamore designed to teach a horse to move through turns with their noses first — the Dennis Moreland Tack #HV11 Hackamore:

The Dennis Moreland Tack Nylon Hackamore with Reins is made entirely of one piece of hand-braided 1/2-inch nylon rope. The nose button is covered in hand-braided rawhide, giving this hackamore a stronger signal than a plain rope hackamore. The rope is spliced wide at the bottom of the nose to give more direct rein or sidepull action than a regular hackamore. The inside circumference of the noseband is 21 inches.

Using this hackamore with its sidepull action is a nice way to teach horses, especially young or green horses, to move through turns with their noses first without putting any pressure on their delicate mouths.

The headstall made of single-ply 3/4-inch tight-fibered harness leather with a doubled and stitched browband and a 1/4-inch nylon fiador. The leather has been edged, hand-rubbed, oiled with Neatsfoot Oil and hand-rubbed again.

The hand-braided nylon hackamore reins lay real well and their shape and feel on the neck get a real good response from the horse. They’re made of 5-plait nylon and are 8 feet long. It will be the best nylon hackamore rein you’ve ever felt, guaranteed. 

In addition to starting your colts, this hackamore is great for loping your show horses and for Western dressage training.

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