Magdalena Arbes

The Final Winner of the Omega Alpha Equine Horse News “My Favorite Place to Ride” Photo Contest

Magdalena ArbesPhoto by Magdalena ArbesMagdalena Arbes, of Fort Collins, Colorado, is the final winner in the Quarter Horse News/ My Favorite Place to Ride Photo Contest. She will receive $150 in Omega Alpha – Equine products! We loved the stunning landscape and the story behind the photo.

Magdalena writes: ” This picture was taken by James Dixon in Professor Valley near Moab, Utah. I’m originally from Germany and came to Moab for the first time about 5 years ago. I spent about a month on Red Cliffs Ranch, which is located right by the Colorado River. The first day I got there it felt like I’d just come home. I’ve been in the US ever since, going to college at Colorado State University. James Dixon trains cow horses and loves to take his 2 year olds out to Professor Valley to trot them through the deep sand and to put variety in their training program. Usually he takes me with him. Pictured are me and “Larry”.”

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