Have You Ever Used a Get Down?

A Get Down could be the handiest piece of equipment you own! Get Downs are designed to be worn under your bridle so you can get off and lead or tie your horse while it’s bridled. They are especially handy on the ranch or while you’re trail riding or hunting. When you’re in the saddle the Get Down rope can be carried by tucking it under your belt, double half-hitching it to your saddle horn or coiling it and attaching it to your saddle with the left front saddle string.

The knot under the cheeks of the Get Down is a bowline. To tie the bowline:

1.     Thread one end of the rope up through the noseband in front of the heel knot. Make a loop in this rope with the end coming out on the underside of the loop. Pass this end of the rope over the off side of the horse’s neck. Grab it back up with your right hand on the near side of the neck.

2.     Thread the rope in your right hand through the loop, over then under the rope coming from the noseband and back up through the loop.

3.     Pull this end tight with your right hand.

4.     Clench the rope under the knot with your right hand and push the knot up while pulling down on the rope coming from the noseband with your left hand.

5.     Repeat steps 3 and 4. Double check that the knot is tight.   

getdowninstructionsThe nosebands on Dennis Moreland Tack Get Downs are made of 3/16 inch extra soft lay nylon rope that lies correctly on the nose from the first time you use it. These nosebands are available in 4 styles: all rope, rope with a hand braided rawhide nose button, rope with a hand braided rawhide nose button and heel knot or rope covered entirely in hand braided rawhide with heel knot. Hangers are California style and made of 1/2 inch burgundy latigo leather that has been hand-edged, rubbed and waxed. The get down rope is 14 feet long and made of 5/16 inch braid on braid rope. The tie end has a leather popper bled (spliced) into the rope and partially covered by a hand-braided rawhide knot. The opposite end is accented with a rawhide ball.

Always use caution when tying your horse and always tie at shoulder level or above.

For more information please visit http://www.dmtack.com/pcategory/ranch-trail/get-downs/ or call us at 817-312-5305.

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