Easy Slot Concho Guide

slotconchoDennis Moreland Tack wants to know have you ever thought slot conchos just weren’t worth the trouble even though they’re the safest conchos made? Here’s a fail-proof guide for getting slot conchos on your gear:

1. Position the bit and put the tie strings through the holes in the bit end of headstall. Slide the concho down strings.

2. Open holes in the tie strings with an awl. You can rub the tie strings with saddle soap to help them slide through the holes more easily.

3. Pull the tie strings up. Working from the bottom slide bottom string through the hole in the top string.

4. Lift the strings and again place bottom string through the hole in the top string. Pull tight and smooth the strings down. Your concho is attached.


All Dennis Moreland Tack comes with slot conchos unless something else is specifically requested. Here are some comments we’ve heard:

“Sure beats Chicago screws! I’ve had them unscrew while riding making the bridle fall off”

“Slot conchos are a ton better! I’ve had to use crazy glue or clear nail polish to keep Chicago screws together or carry spares and a screw driver. … I don’t think so! Not fun when a bit falls out of your horse’s mouth! I’d choose Slot Conchos any day.”

“Dennis is so right. They are the safest by far!”

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