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Triple Crown Cutting Entry Fees to Increase

ncha logo2ncha logo2Starting with the July 11-Aug. 2 National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Great American Insurance Summer Spectacular, entry fees will increase at Fort Worth’s Triple Crown cutting events to maintain their current payout levels.

One reason for the increase is the NCHA will receive about $800,000 less to fund the 2013-2014 Triple Crown events than it did for the 2012-2013 editions from the Texas Major Events Trust Fund (METF). The extra funding from the state, along with cooperation from the City of Fort Worth, has contributed more than $16 million to the Triple Crown shows since 2005.

The level of the extra funding is based on projected sales taxes generated by the Fort Worth events, and the state has changed the way it calculates payments from the METF, NCHA Executive Director Jim Bret Campbell said.

“When the NCHA leadership heard about those changes, we put our heads together and looked at ways to retain the payouts at record levels to continue to attract more competitors and fans to Fort Worth in the spirit of our commitment to NCHA members, the state of Texas and city of Fort Worth,” Campbell said, via a press release posted this week at “While many businesses adjust pricing each year, because of the added money from the METF, NCHA has had the benefit of not increasing entry fees in many years. Raising entry fees allows those who compete in Triple Crown events a chance to go for the gold and retain our commitment to excellence, while not impacting other areas of NCHA membership. However, it’s those earnings and the dream of winning a Triple Crown event that drive breeding numbers, horse sales, training activity and competition.”

Campbell’s complete report on the entry fee changes is available here.