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High Roller Reining Classic Announces the Addition of the West Coast Breeders Select Sale

High Roller LogoThe High Roller Reining Classic (HRCC) is pleased to announce the addition of the West Coast Breeders Select Yearling Sale (WCBSS) to the event this year. The HRCC is invested in the future of reining, and to this end, has expanded to incorporate a reining performance yearling sale.

This is not your typical horse auction. The WCBSS is reaching out to the industry’s top breeders asking for the best of the best, as a limited number of consignments will be accepted into this elite public auction. Breeders such as Rancho Oso Rio, Fappani Performance Horses, Rhodes River Ranch, Tamarack Ranch, Lorenzo Lotti, Sergio Elia and Booth Ranches are already supporting the sale this year with sale consignments.

“The initial response to the WCBSS has been tremendous. We haven’t even gotten the advertising out yet and already have consignments coming in. People are really excited about this program and what it has to offer. We couldn’t be more pleased,” says Amanda Brumley, founder of the WCBSS and producer of the HRCC in Las Vegas, Nev.

The WCBSS has been designed to offer elite, pre-screened yearling performance horses for sale at public auction Saturday, Sept. 20, starting at 9 a.m. during the HRCC at the South Point Arena and Equestrian Center in Las Vegas. The introductory consignment fee is only $500. The consignments will be evaluated by a panel of experts for selection into the sale based on breeding, confirmation and genetic performance history. Then, two top performance horse veterinarians – Dr. John Newcom and Dr. Russ Peterson – will examine the yearling’s radiographs.

“Because we are only accepting 75 sale consignments, we will be scrutinizing very carefully each and every applicant because we want to offer our buyers the best possible prospects and provide them the details that buyers need to make and educated purchase, such as x-rays and genetic blood testing results,” says Brumley. “This is what we mean by a Select Sale.”

This HRRC and WCBSS have created multiple levels of incentives for cosigners, buyers, stallion owners and those who purchase stallion services through the HRCC Annual Stallion Service Auction. This sale is designed to incorporate all aspects of breeding, selling, training, and competition into the HRCC.