Changes To NRHA Futurity

Following the 2013 National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity, there were several discussions concerning the NRHA Futurity Open go-round schedule, including horses’ progression from the semifinals, and then on to the finals. The NRHA Board of Directors reviewed extensive historical data and scores, and has approved an alteration to the number of horses that will advance from the first go-round to the semifinals. In addition, a change was made concerning the start of the first go-round.

First Go-Round to Start One Day Later

The first go-round of the NRHA Futurity has traditionally started on Thanksgiving Day. The Board received numerous comments from open competitors requesting that the first go-round start one day later to allow horses more time to settle in after being transported to Oklahoma City, Okla. The Board considered this request, along with a detailed study of the performance of horses competing on the first day. Ultimately, the Board approved the first go-round of the NRHA Futurity Open to begin the day after Thanksgiving (Nov. 28, 2014). More information on move-in scheduling will be forthcoming at a later date.

Number of Horses Advancing to Semifinals Altered

Keeping in mind a schedule that is more beneficial to the health and welfare of the horses entered in the NRHA Futurity, the Board of Directors approved an alternative to the number of horses advancing from the first go-round to the semifinals, as shown below. The Board considered several years’ data, including past composite scores needed to advance to the finals. The numbers listed below are a better reflection of the performances demonstrated by the horses that ultimately advanced. This change will lessen the number of horses moving on to the semifinals; however, historical research of recent NRHA Futurity shows has shown that none of the horses outside of the advancing number have made it to the finals. No changes were made to the number of horses that advance from the semifinals to the finals.

Class:              Number Advancing:

Level 4 Open     Top 100 horses (plus ties)

Level 3 Open     Top 75 horses (plus ties)

Level 2 Open     Top 75 horses (plus ties)

Level 1 Open     Top 50 horses (plus ties)

All horses qualifying for the semifinals will be placed into the regular draw. If you choose to scratch from the semifinals, you will need to fill out a scratch sheet in the show office prior to the horse’s scheduled draw.

Opportunity Added for the Next Top 20 Scores

After the changes stated above were made, the Board chose to provide an additional opportunity for Level 1 Open riders/horses that just missed qualifying for the semifinals. They will be given an opportunity to compete and win money in a $2,500-added Category 11 class. The class will be added to the schedule and will be open only to the first 20 Level 1 Open entries that missed the semifinals. This class is not part of the Futurity, and therefore no nomination or entry fees paid for the Futurity will be applied to the class payouts.