NRCHA Rule Book Corrections

rulebSome 2014 National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) rule books in circulation contain typographical errors. Those inaccuracies have been corrected in the online publication, and the NRCHA is working to correct all printed materials.

The typos affected three rein work patterns in the rule book. To remedy this situation in the printed publication, the NRCHA has halted distribution of the affected books. A separate pattern supplement book will be issued to all current, new and renewing NRCHA members.

If you received a copy of the 2014 NRCHA rule book before Jan. 31, it contains the typo-affected patterns. The NRCHA has instructed its members to disregard the pattern section of that rule book and refer, instead, to the pattern supplement book.

Rule books that were received after Jan. 31 do not contain the typo-affected patterns. Those books should be accompanied by a pattern supplement.

If current, new or renewing NRCHA members have any questions or concerns, they may contact the NRCHA office at 940-488-1500 or via email at [email protected]