2013 NRHA/Markel Insurance Futurity Prospect Sale

Held Dec. 7, 2013

48 horses consigned
$1,806,100 gross for a $37,627 average
38 sold (79%), $1,574,900 net, $41,445 average and $19,250 median.


Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer
1     Mr Magnum Dun It     $300,000
(3/28/2011 red dun s) (Magnum Chic Dream x Brennas Red Dunit x Hollywood Dun It); Tallone Reining Horses; Geir/Jill Ramleth.

2     A Mercedes With Whiz     $200,000
(3/10/2011 bay s) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Foxy Lil Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Bob Loomis; Geir/Jill Ramleth.

3/4     Okie Paul Coyote     $100,000
(4/9/2011 chestnut s) (Walla Walla Whiz x Miss N Becky x Okie Paul Quixote); Ronald Thompson; Geir/Jill Ramleth.

3/4     USS Nu Chic     $100,000
(4/11/2011 palomino m) (Smart Chic Olena x Uss Nu Chex x Nu Chex To Cash); Calcagnini Reining Horses, Agt; David Silva.

5     Tinseltown Lights     $90,000
(3/18/2011 dun s) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Smart Scat x Smart Starbuck); Sunrise Ranch LLC; Janice Dickson.

6     Sonofa Gun Can Sail     $77,000
(3/31/2011 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Sail Lynn Caroline x Cee Blair Sailor); Billy Williams, Agt; Sylvia Rzepka.

7     Dreamin Like Whiz     $69,000 (RNA)
(3/21/2011 chestnut s) (Magnum Chic Dream x Surely Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Ronald Thompson.

8     Nicos Custom Gunner     $62,000
(3/28/2011 sorrel m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Nics Custom x Custom Crome); Larson Performance Horses; Riverside Ranch Germany.

9     Chex Out My Banjo     $57,000
(1/21/2011 palomino s) (Banjo Whiz x Mrs Chexinic x Bueno Chexinic); Cody Stark; Dorothee Hess.

10     Flashy In Tinseltown     $52,000
(2/18/2011 dun s) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Fly Flashy Jac x Boogies Flashy Jac); Matt Armenta, Agent; Thomas Rosser Foram.

11/12     Tinseltown Maggie     $50,000
(4/20/2011 red dun m) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Ms Maggie Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Schmersal Reining Horses, LLC, Agt; Tim Anderson.

11/12     Whizzinator     $50,000
(4/24/2011 bay s) (West Coast Whiz x Spinning Beauty x Shining Spark); Bob Loomis; Shelly Nielsen.

13     Verlander     $37,000
(2/17/2011 chestnut s) (Wimpys Little Step x Melodys Gi Jane x Missin James); Peter Phinny; Barn 66 LLC.

14     Commanded A Dance     $32,000 (RNA)
(2/24/2011 sorrel s) (Commanders Nic x Dancer Nic x Tinsel Nic); Schmersal Reining Horses LLC.

15     Cowtown Spook     $29,000 (RNA)
(3/26/2011 sorrel s) (Smart Spook x Shes Cowismatic x Lenas Wright On); Sterling Ranch.

16     Gitten A Mercedes     $24,000
(5/17/2011 bay g) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Gettinsmart x Smart Chic Olena); Bob Loomis; B. Karen Symonds.

17     Nicaduals Lil Chic     $23,000 (RNA)
(2/23/2011 sorrel m) (Mister Nicadual x Chics Marcie x Smart Chic Olena); Lisa Coulter, Agent.

18/19     Dun Got Easy Money     $22,500 (RNA)
(1/31/2011 sorrel s) (Big Chex To Cash x Lethally Dun x Grip It And Rip It); Giada Camparsi.

18/19     Gunners Got Milk     $22,500
(5/31/2011 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Lil Miss Lena x Lena My Way); Carlton & Khris Crowe; Roger Barral.

20     JNS Gunner Olena     $22,000
(4/30/2011 sorrel s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Katies Chic Olena x Smart Chic Olena); Jerry Hunsucker; Alex Castaneda.

21     Who Whiz Tuff     $21,500
(4/27/2011 palomino s) (Who Whiz It x Tuffys Mazie x Lil Ruf Peppy); Todd Sommers, Agt; Iris Petschenig.

22     Xtra Brilliant Berry     $21,000
(5/15/2011 palomino s) (Wimpys Red Berry x Brillante Diamantes x Shining Spark); Xtra Quarter Horses; Julie Boer.

23/24     Boomtime Nic     $20,000
(5/9/2011 sorrel s) (Boom Shernic x Uneeda Lena x Smart Little Lena); Cody Stark; Jewell Dunning.

23/24     Eighty Proof Boom     $20,000
(1/2/2011 sorrel s) (Boom Shernic x Shining Proof x Shining Spark); Schmersal Reining Horses, LLC, Agt; Robert & Kristen Avila.

25     Bowman Smart Mate 71     $18,500
(3/14/2011 palomino s) (Smart Mate x SDP Leather N Lace x Lenas Jewel Bars); Will Letner; Tim Katona.

26     Boomer Be Stylin     $17,500
(3/9/2011 sorrel s) (Boom Shernic x Be Stylish With Me x Lena With Me); Schmersal Reining Horses, LLC, Agt; Iftah Motaey.

27/28     CBK Code A Lena     $17,000
(5/11/2011 sorrel m) (Electric Code x Skeeter Rae Lena x Gallo Del Cielo); Steve DeFrang, Agt; Anne-Marie Burns.

27/28     HF Dragin My Tail     $17,000 (RNA)
(2/25/2011 bay m) (Jerry Lees Surprise x Just Like Jayne x Boomernic); Matt McDowell, Agent.

29/30     Pending/Little Miss Puro     $16,500
(2/3/2011 sorrel m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Little Miss Puro x Smart Little Lena); Cinder Lakes Ranch; PO.

29/30     Shining Spookanna     $16,500
(4/21/2011 sorrel m) (Smart Spook x Jdf Shining Anna x Shining Spark); Larson Performance Horses, Agent; Mario Madrigal.

31/32     Commandersrisingsun     $16,000
(2/23/2011 sorrel g) (Commanders Nic x What A Sunrise x Sunrise Enterprise); Bob Loomis; John Ulcej.

31/32     Iboom     $16,000 (RNA)
(2/13/2011 sorrel s) (Boom Shernic x Bonitas Latin Chic x Lil Ruf Peppy); Schmersal Reining Horses, LLC, Agt.

33     Fullmoonintinseltown     $15,500
(4/10/2011 palomino s) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Pinky Flynn x Freckles Flynn); Garth Brown, Agt; Sparrow Hawk Farms.

34     Sparks R Flying     $15,200
(3/6/2011 palomino m) (Smart Like Juice x Vons Sparky x Von Reminic); Tracer Gilson, Agt; Tina Redman.

35/36     Dunit On A Tidalwave     $15,000
(1/29/2011 red dun g) (Tidal Wave Jack x Dun It Reining x Hollywood Dun It); Schmersal Reining Horses LLC; Robin Mazzocca.

35/36     Nickle Remedy     $15,000
(1/29/2011 bay s) (Very Smart Remedy x Peppy Nicolena x Nic It In The Bud); Brent Loseke, Agt; Kevie Morrison.

37     Ima Smart Cable Lena     $14,000
(5/10/2011 red roan s) (Imasmartpepto x Miffs Cablelena x Mifilena); Jim Blumer, Agt; Jim McCutcheon.

38     Whizachic     $11,500
(2/11/2011 chestnut m) (Magnum Chic Dream x Whizzin Easy x Topsail Whiz); Tracer Gilson, Agt; Sabine Ehrenreich.

39/40     Ima Cromed Metermaid     $10,500
(5/25/2011 sorrel m) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Toulouse Lena x Doc Oโ€™Lena); Jim Dudley, Agt; Charles Vaughan.

39/40     Shes Steppin On Out     $10,500
(4/19/2011 buckskin m) (Wimpys Little Step x Playalotta Chic x Smart Chic Olena); Justin Zimmerman; Gustavo Davica Salinas.

41     Chic Olena Custom     $10,000
(5/17/2011 sorrel s) (Custom Crome x Barbi Gay x Smart Chic Olena); Steve Simon; Steven Allen.

42     Custom Lena Tag     $9,700 (RNA)
(3/5/2011 chestnut m) (Whiz N Tag Chex x Custom Lena x Custom Crome); Will Letner.

43/44     She Dun Boomed It     $8,500
(2/1/2011 red dun m) (Boom Shernic x Dun It Reining x Hollywood Dun It); Schmersal Reining Horses LLC; Steve Munoz.

43/44     Yuno Im Electric     $8,500
(4/15/2011 bay s) (Jacs Electric Spark x Smart Pretty O Lena x Lean With Me); Brigitte Famery; Rockwell Ranch.

45     Plus One Master     $8,000
(4/1/2011 sorrel s) (Master Snapper x Ima Mistress x Smart Starbuck); Green Valley Ranch; R. Anderson.

46/47     Custom Vickie     $6,500 (RNA)
(3/31/2011 sorrel m) (Custom Crome x Dudes Victory x Vicks Enterprise); Steve Simon.

46/47     Jacs Light     $6,500 (RNA)
(4/14/2011 sorrel s) (Tinsel Jac x Nita Pepotari x Spook N Tari); Garth Brown, Agt.

48     A Fivestar Commander     $4,700
(1/8/2011 bay g) (Commanders Nic x Gorgeous Like A Star x Smart Like Juice); Schmersal Reining Horses LLC; Greg Burchett.