2013 NRHA/Markel Insurance Breeders Showcase Select Sale

Held Dec. 5, 2013

91 horses consigned
$1,314,900 gross for a $14,449 average
75 sold (82%), $1,011,200 net, $13,483 average and $10,000 median.


Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer
1     Shine Spook Shine     $62,000
(3/13/2012 palomino s) (Smart Spook x Ebony Shines x Shining Spark); Sterling Ranch; Geir/Jill Ramleth.

2     Lil Codette     $59,000
(1/14/2012 black m) (Electric Code x Chic Lil Ruby x A Chic In Time); Lorenzo Lotti; Lani Devincentis.

3/4     ARC Flashin My Gun     $50,000
(2/13/2012 sorrel s) (Gunnatrashya x Electrical Flash x Jacs Electric Spark); Arcese Quarter Horses USA; Geir/Jill Ramleth.

3/4     The Shining Gun     $50,000
(4/2/2012 palomino/overo m) (A Shiner Named Sioux x Shirleys A Gunner x Colonels Smoking Gun); Clint Haverty, Agent; Jay McLaughlin.

5/6     ARC Dunitwhizyou     $40,000 (RNA)
(2/7/2012 dun s) (Walla Walla Whiz x Dainty Dunit x Hollywood Dun It); Alessandra Ducati.

5/6     ARC Shesgunnasparkya     $40,000
(1/22/2012 sorrel m) (Gunnatrashya x Sailing Spark x Shining Spark); Arcese Quarter Horses USA; XCS Ranch.

7     The Rey Gun     $34,000 (RNA)
(5/22/2012 bay s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Prettywhizprettydoes x Topsail Whiz); Clint Haverty.

8     My Guns Smokin     $33,000
(4/27/2012 gray m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Shake Your Doc Olena x Doc O’Lena); Darling 888 Ranch; A&V Holdings.

9/10     FM Whiz N Shine     $28,000 (RNA)
(3/22/2012 sorrel s) (Topsail Whiz x Shine With Wanda x Shining Spark); Lorenzo Lotti, Agent.

9/10     Starlites Cromed Out     $28,000
(1/25/2012 black s) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Starlite N Oak x Doc’s Oak); Vaughn Zimmerman; John Tague.

11     Undeniably Dun It     $27,500
(1/1/2004 dun m) (Hollywood Dun It x Two T Whisky Royal x Easter Gentleman); Bred to Magnum Chic Dream; John Lloyd; Sam Dean.

12     Magnum Done It     $26,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2001 chestnut m) (Magnum Chic Dream x Indy Star Dun It x Hollywood Dun It); Bred to Einsteins Revolution; George Shifrin/Cache Ranch.

13/14     KR When In Rome     $25,000
(1/28/2012 bay m) (Spooks Gotta Whiz x Crome Shiner x Custom Crome); Pete Kyle; Clint Ramsey.

13/14     Lillys Bugatti     $25,000 (RNA)
(2/15/2012 sorrel m) (A Shiner Named Sioux x RS Lilly Starlight x Grays Starlight); Kurt Harris.

15     USS Nu Chex     $23,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2004 palomino m) (Nu Chex To Cash x USS Enterprise x Be Aech Enterprise); Bred to Cromed Out Mercedes; Lorenzo Lotti, Agent.

16     Gunners Last Stop     $22,000
(2/25/2012 palomino m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x The Last Stop x Custom Crome); Darling 888 Ranch; John Fletcher.

17/19     Guaranteed By Amos     $20,000 (RNA)
(1/1/2004 black m) (Primary Pine x Okies Paulette x Okie Paul Quixote); Bred to Shine On Line; Heather Hochstatter.

17/19     Shining Sienna     $20,000
(1/1/1999 palomino m) (Shining Spark x Sienna Tari x Doc Tari); Bred to Colonels Smoking Gun; John Lloyd; Alex Castaneda.

17/19     Wimpys Coded Chex     $20,000
(2/12/2012 sorrel s) (Wimpys Little Step x Hot Coded Candy x The Hot Express); Cinder Lakes Ranch, Agent; Xtra Quarter Horses.

20     Spook Jive     $19,500
(5/10/2012 palomino s) (Smart Spook x Shining Dancer x Shining Spark); Sterling Ranch; Marcy Ver Meer.

21     High Rollin Spook     $18,500 (RNA)
(4/7/2012 sorrel s) (Smart Spook x Shining High Roller x Shining Spark); Sterling Ranch.

22/23     Spook A Crome     $18,000 (RNA)
(3/28/2012 palomino m) (Custom Crome x Spooks Remedy x Quanahs Col Remedy); Sterling Ranch.

22/23     The Wimpinator     $18,000 (RNA)
(5/16/2012 sorrel s) (Wimpys Little Step x Genuine Starlight x Genuine Jeep); Allen Mitchels.

24/25     ARC Lendmeyourgun     $17,500
(1/14/2012 chestnut m) (Gunnatrashya x Custom Lena x Custom Crome); Arcese Quarter Horses USA; Marina Becker.

24/25     Spooks Trouble SE     $17,500
(4/29/2012 sorrel s) (Smart Spook x Starring Trouble x Grays Starlight); Eldridge Management Corp.; Ronald Thompson.

26/27     Chic N Spook     $17,000
(4/9/2012 chestnut s) (Smart Spook x Chuka Chic x Smart Chic Olena); Sterling Ranch; John Tague.

26/27     Crome Olena     $17,000
(4/12/2012 chestnut s) (Custom Crome x Ms Fancy Lil Nancy x Smart Chic Olena); Cinder Lakes Ranch; Vincent Maffucci.

28     Wimpys Forty Five     $16,000
(2/9/2012 sorrel s) (Wimpys Little Step x Select A Forty Five x Smokin 45); Muehlstaetter Performance Horses; George/Chloe Lawrence.

29/30     Spook N Ruffle     $15,000
(5/2/2012 sorrel m) (Smart Spook x Ruffle Me Up x Lil Ruf Peppy); Sterling Ranch; Kari Moreno.

29/30     USS Nu Spook     $15,000
(4/19/2012 sorrel s) (Smart Spook x USS Nu Chex x Nu Chex To Cash); Lorenzo Lotti, Agent; Guenter Fellinger.

31/33     ARC Ms Walla D     $14,000
(3/25/2012 sorrel m) (Walla Walla Whiz x Ms Clara Melody x Mr Melody Jac); Arcese Quarter Horses USA; Becky Melzer.

31/33     Princess Elana     $14,000
(5/5/2012 palomino m) (Smart Spook x Jacs Shining Fancy x Shining Spark); Grady Kimbrell; Bill Bradley.

31/33     Who Whiz Gunner     $14,000
(3/1/2012 buckskin/solid s) (Who Whiz It x Shirleys A Gunner x Colonels Smoking Gun); Clint Haverty, Agent; Todd Martin.

34/35     Custom Slides Wright     $13,000 (RNA)
(3/17/2012 sorrel m) (Custom Crome x She Slides Wright x Smart Little Lena); Steve Simon.

34/35     FM Spook Master     $13,000
(2/10/2012 sorrel s) (Smart Spook x Colonel Mistress x Great Master Wake); Lorenzo Lotti, Agent.

36     Pending/Miss Whoa Jac     $12,500
(5/19/2012 red dun m) (Smart Spook x Miss Whoa Jac x Hollywood Jac 86); Cinder Lakes Ranch, Agent; Ampuero Spr De Rl De Cv.

37     Trashy Blond     $12,000
(5/6/2012 palomino m) (Gunnatrashya x Pines Fine Point x Boggies Flashy Jac); Allen Mitchels; Ronald Langlois.

38     Spook N Misty     $11,700
(4/28/2012 sorrel m) (Smart Spook x Smoke N Misty x Colonels Smoking Gun); Sterling Ranch; Ampuero Spr De Rl De Cv.

39/40     Crow About This     $11,500 (RNA)
(1/1/1998 bay m) (Gallo Del Cielo x Major Vixen x Majors Meyers); Bred to Custom Cash Advance; Lorenzo Lotti, Agent.

39/40     Gunnacee Your Trash     $11,500
(2/18/2012 chestnut m) (Gunnatrashya x Cody Cee Cutter x Topsail Cody); Darling 888 Ranch; Gunnacee Your Trash.

41     ARC Shesa Walla     $11,000
(1/14/2012 bay m) (Walla Walla Whiz x Hickorys Holly Cee x Doc’s Hickory); Arcese Quarter Horses USA; Jim Royer.

42/44     Cache Bayou Katie     $10,500
(5/23/2012 bay m) (Gallo Del Cielo x Dg Hickorys Sparkle x Doc’s Hickory); Eldridge Management Corp.; Leslie Rinehart.

42/44     Chexout This Vintage     $10,500
(5/21/2012 sorrel s) (Whiz N Tag Chex x Taris Little Vintage x Peppy San Badger); Booth Ranches; Misti Ingalls.

42/44     Too Spooked To Drive     $10,500
(4/3/2012 bay m) (Smart Spook x Chex Drive x Bueno Chexinic); Sterling Ranch; Frederick Christen.

45/50     Another Special Nite     $10,000
(4/11/2012 chestnut m) (Gunners Special Nite x Justanother Dun It x Hollywood Dun It); Skyline Ranch, Agent; Jerry Davis.

45/50     Cromed Guns     $10,000
(5/17/2012 chestnut m) (Custom Crome x Guns Royal Scarlet x One Gun); Darling 888 Ranch; Ampuero Spr De Rl De Cv.

45/50     Jacked Up Cowgirl     $10,000
(4/11/2012 sorrel m) (Smart Like Juice x Cinch Up Cowboy x Master Cowboy Jac); John Lloyd; Petra Burger.

45/50     Smart Spinning Spook     $10,000
(2/15/2012 palomino m) (Smart Spook x Roxys Spinning Top x Topsail Cody); Lorenzo Lotti, Agent; Ampuero Spr De Rl De Cv.

45/50     Spooks Not All Dun     $10,000
(4/6/2012 sorrel m) (Smart Spook x Its Not All Dun x Hollywood Dun It); Sterling Ranch; John Tague.

45/50     Wee Willy Whiz     $10,000
(4/7/2012 chestnut s) (Walla Walla Whiz x Tejons Leanin Fancy x Mr San Olena); Booth Ranches; Vincent Maffucci.

51/52     Dunit Lika Juice     $9,500
(1/1/2003 sorrel m) (Smart Like Juice x Dunits Papoose x Hollywood Dun It); Bred to Gunners Special Nite; Anita Daggett; Colie Florica.

51/52     Spinning Big Cash     $9,500
(4/16/2012 palomino m) (Big Chex To Cash x Roxys Spinning Top x Topsail Cody); Sunset Reiners; Carly Thompson.

53/54     Afancy Resolution     $9,200
(3/1/2012 red dun m) (Great Resolve x Ms Fancy Lil Nancy x Smart Chic Olena); Cinder Lakes Ranch; Zieher Philipp.

53/54     Cinch Up Cowboy     $9,200 (RNA)
(1/1/2000 palomino m) (Master Cowboy Jac x Greatvaqueroette x Great Pine); Bred to Magnum Chic Dream; John Lloyd.

55     Starlenas Joy     $9,000
(1/1/2002 chestnut m) (Starlights Joy x Miss Coral Lena x Coral Lena); Bred to Country Bay Berry; Horse Wise, Inc.; Jim Bramblett.

56     Holy Spook     $8,700
(2/24/2001 sorrel m) (Smart Spook x Holly O Jay x Master Jay); Sterling Ranch; Ampuero Spr De Rl De Cv.

57/58     Ida Be Smart     $8,500
(3/14/2012 bay s) (Smart Like Juice x Alrighta Ida x Top Dun Cody); Booth Ranches; Jesse Asmussen.

57/58     Lucky Baylite     $8,500 (RNA)
(1/1/1998 bay m) (Grays Starlight x Lena Lucky x Doc O’Lena); Bred to Magnum Chic Dream; John Lloyd.

59/60     Cash To Chex     $8,000
(4/26/2012 sorrel s) (Big Chex To Cash x Nu Cash Box x Shining Spark); JEH Stallion Station; T. Michael Billings.

59/60     Electric Topsail     $8,000
(5/25/2012 sorrel s) (Electric Code x Twist Tie Whiz x Topsail Whiz); Steve Tyner; Rocky Dare.

61     Pending/Elana Nic     $7,700
(4/18/2012 bay m) (Gallo Del Cielo x Elana Nic x Elans Playboy); Eldridge Management Corp.; Carlos Guillermo Sallero.

62/63     Boom Proof     $7,500
(4/8/2012 chestnut m) (Boom Shernic x Shining Proof x Shining Spark); Schmersal Reining Horses LLC; John Dergo.

62/63     Edged In Lace     $7,500
(1/1/2006 chestnut m) (Cheno Pep x Uno Cody Jaci x Jacs Masterpiece); Tricia Leone; Rick Ramsey.

64/65     Black N Boom     $7,000
(3/29/2012 bay s) (Boom Shernic x Blazing In Black x Rowdy Yankee); Schmersal Reining Horses LLC; Frederick Christen.

64/65     Dun Lost My Mercedes     $7,000
(4/20/2012 bay m) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Dun Lost My Freckles x Hollywood Dun It); Skyline Ranch, Agent; Brenda Joyce.

66/67     Cromed Mercedes     $6,700
(1/28/2012 bay m) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Rush N Cat x Little Rush); Lorenzo Lotti; Eric Unger.

66/67     Sher Dun It     $6,700
(3/10/2012 chestnut s) (Boom Shernic x Dun It Reining x Hollywood Dun It); Schmersal Reining Horses LLC; Steven Munoz.

68/71     FM Miss Dual Spook     $6,500
(3/6/2012 sorrel m) (Smart Spook x Dual Cheked x Mister Dual Pep); Lorenzo Lotti, Agent; Wagner Magdalena.

68/71     Roxys Custom Spinner     $6,500
(3/17/2012 gray m) (Custom Pistol x Roxys Spinning Top x Topsail Cody); Sunset Reiners; Salvador Rivera Calderon.

68/71     Stars On The Waves     $6,500
(4/3/2012 sorrel m) (Tidal Wave Jack x Star CD x CD Olena); Schmersal Reining Horses LLC; Todd Kile.

68/71     Wimpys Cable Guy     $6,500 (RNA)
(3/5/2012 black/solid s) (Wimpys Little Step x Cable Commander x Commander Reminic); Jim Blumer, Agent.

72     Tidal Wave Runner     $6,200
(4/28/2012 palomino s) (Tidal Wave Jack x Zan Spark x Shining Spark); Sunset Reiners; Mario Madrigal.

73/76     Conquista Gun     $6,000
(2/8/2012 palomino m) (Conquistador Whiz x Roosters Valentne x Gallo Del Cielo); La Kuka Ranch; Wayne/Kevie Morrison.

73/76     Dual Playboy EMC     $6,000
(5/17/2012 sorrel s) (Mister Dual Pep x Clarks Elan x Elans Playboy); Eldridge Management Corp.; Melanie Wilhelm.

73/76     Smart Bunny Lena     $6,000
(1/1/1993 bay m) (Smart Little Lena x Miss Reed Chex x Bueno Chex); Bred to Chexarkana; Kirk’s Rockin K Ranch Inc.; Jay McLaughlin.

73/76     Whizzen Good Time     $6,000
(2/22/2012 sorrel m) (West Coast Whiz x A Good Time To Shine x Shining Spark); Sunset Reiners; A&V Holdings.

77     Pending/Miss Chicanic     $5,700
(4/29/2012 sorrel s) (Gallo Del Cielo x Miss Chicanic x Smart Chic Olena); Eldridge Management Corp.; Rockwell Ranch.

78/79     Juice Margaritas     $5,500
(3/31/2012 buckskin m) (Smart Like Juice x Chex By Dunit x Hollywood Dun It); La Kuka Ranch; Salvador Rivera Calderon.

78/79     Wally Wonka Whiz     $5,500
(4/29/2012 sorrel s) (Walla Walla Whiz x Pocita Senorita x Smart Chic Olena); Darling 888 Ranch; Bud Roebuck.

80     Nu Custom Crome     $5,200
(5/30/2012 chestnut s) (Custom Crome x Nu Silk Stockings x Nu Cash); Darling 888 Ranch; Rockwell Ranch.

81/83     EMC Spooks Smart Whz     $5,000
(4/24/2012 sorrel s) (Smart Spook x The Whiz Star x Topsail Whiz); Eldridge Management Corp.; Bob Sutherland.

81/83     Stylish Boomer     $5,000
(3/6/2012 sorrel s) (Boom Shernic x Be Stylish With Me x Lena With Me); Schmersal Reining Horses LLC; Lee Holtz.

81/83     Who Whiz Numbre Uno     $5,000
(2/6/2012 bay s) (Who Whiz It x Nu Chex Paseo x Nu Chex To Cash); Clint Haverty; Vincent Maffucci.

84/86     Boom Starnic     $4,500
(2/14/2012 bay m) (Boom Shernic x Starlights Lastdance x Grays Starlight); Schmersal Reining Horses LLC; Jim Royer.

84/86     Kadillac Krome     $4,500
(5/15/2012 bay s) (Cromed Out Mercedes x La Vaquera Legend x The Major Legend); Brian Bell; Kim Frazier.

84/86     Mercedes Lady SL     $4,500 (RNA)
(4/4/2012 bay m) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Chics Lady Kiper x Smart Chic Olena); Sherman Lauder.

87/89     Gunners Western Star     $4,000
(4/16/2012 sorrel m) (Gunnatrashya x West Coast Princess x West Coast Whiz); Steve Tyner; Muller Christian.

87/89     My Mercedesischrome     $4,000
(4/27/2012 sorrel s) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Chex My Tracks x Stormy Chex); Randy Schaffhauser, Agent; Gary Ferguson.

87/89     Top Whiz Wrangler     $4,000
(3/14/2012 sorrel s) (Starlights Wrangler x Montana Whiz Cat x Topsail Whiz); Sunset Reiners; Todd Kile.

90     Delta Spark     $3,700
(1/1/2006 sorrel m) (Jacs Electric Spark x Senors Delta Rose x Senor Zero Bar); Bred to Dun Gotta Gun; Sherman Lauder; Alan Chappell.

91     Hotroddin Dual Rey     $3,200
(1/28/2012 sorrel s) (Play Dual Rey x BFC Hotroddin Chick x Colonel Hotrodder); Sunset Reiners; Miguel Villegas.