2013 NRCHA Classic Yearling & Broodmare Sale

Held Oct. 3, 2013

61 horses consigned • 53 sold (87%)

$295,250 total sales, $5,571 average and $5,000 median.


Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.

Horse, selling price, DOB or year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer
1     Sashas Lil Angel     $30,000
(2006 palomino m) (Shining Spark x Sanjos Lil Angel x San Jo Lena); Bred to WR This Cats Smart; San Juan Ranch; Sheri Alquist.

2     Bobcat Betty     $18,000
(2006 bay m) (High Brow Cat x Heathers Bar x Bob Acre Doc); Bred to Im Countin Checks; Monte and Catherine Lamb; Redtail Ranch.

3     Name Pending     $15,500
(2/17/2012 sorrel s) (Bet Hesa Cat x Miss Lucky Starlight x Grays Starlight); Alan Chappell; Doug Carpenter.
4     Miss CD Royal     $12,500
(2003 sorrel m) (CD Olena x Boons Royal Uno x Boon Bar); Bred to Playin Stylish; Nikki Jump; Triangle Bar V Ranch.

5     SJR Step It Up     $11,000
(2/7/2012 chestnut s) (Wimpys Little Step x Whizs Guinevere x Topsail Whiz); San Juan Ranch; Don Treadway.

6     Count On Brilliance     $9,100
(4/13/2012 sorrel s) (Im Countin Checks x Shes Brilliant x High Brow Cat); Venture Farms/Harland & Jody Radomske; Ricky Nicolozzi.

7     Shiney Nu Circle     $9,000
(4/24/2012 buckskin m) (Nu Circle N Cash x Desire To Shine x Shining Spark); Ruby View Quarter Horses; Stroud Ranch.

8     Kaweahs Pepinic     $8,000
(4/6/2012 sorrel m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Bueno Dual Pep x Mister Dual Pep); Ward Ranch; Red Cliffs Ranch.

9/10     Reysin Bran     $7,500
(3/17/2012 gray s) (Hes A Peptospoonful x Reysin x Dual Rey); Jimmy Kemp; Gorgasser LLC.

9/10     SJR Shinin Lights     $7,500
(3/16/2012 palomino m) (CD Lights x Shiners Bella Mia x Shining Spark); San Juan Ranch; Emilio Llamosoa.

11     SJR Playin Smooth     $7,250
(2/22/2012 sorrel s) (Smooth As A Cat x Playin Gina x Playin Stylish); San Juan Ranch; Louis Schuette.

12     Uno You Want Me     $7,000
(3/12/2012 brown m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Misters Bobbie x Mister Dual Pep); Ward Ranch; Curran Ranch.

13     Ruby Merada     $6,750
(4/2/2012 sorrel m) (Cats Merada x Ms Peptostipmal x Peptoboonsmal); K. Mark Nelson; Kit Lean LLC.

14     CD Stylish Rojo     $6,500
(4/29/2012 sorrel s) (CD Olena x Ms Foxies Dually x Dual Pep); Diamond LK Cutting Horses; Emilio Llamosoa.

15/16     SJR Sonja Lite     $6,200
(2/16/2012 palomino m) (CD Lights x Sashas Lil Angel x Shining Spark); San Juan Ranch; Richard Winters Horsemanship.

15/16     Vons Sparky     $6,200
(2002 palomino m) (Von Reminic x Sailing Spark x Shining Spark); Bred to Smart Boons; Loren Booth – Booth Ranches; Charles Stevens.

17/19     Chic RX     $6,000
(2001 sorrel m) (Smart Chic Olena x Lesta Prescription x Doc’s Prescription); Bred to Nic It In The Bud; Peak Performance Horses, LLP; Redtail Ranch.

17/19     Spooky Stylish Rey     $6,000
(5/6/2012 sorrel m) (Stylish Rey x Spooks Lena x Smart Little Lena); Ruby View Quarter Horses; Lund Quarter Horses.

17/19     Two Scoops of Reysin     $6,000
(3/11/2012 sorrel s) (Hes A Peptospoonful x Reysin x Dual Rey); Jimmy Kemp; Gary/Kay.

20     Boonys Little Pepto     $5,800
(2003 sorrel m) (Peptoboonsmal x Boons Royal Uno x Boon Bar); Bred to Nu Circle N Cash; Nikki Jump; Alan Chappell.

21     Lena Pepinic     $5,700
(2/18/2012 sorrel m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Wranglers Peppy x Paddys Irish Whiskey); Ward Ranch; Deb Jackson.

22     Playin In The Hay     $5,600
(2/10/2012 sorrel m) (Third Cutting x I Have To Play x Freckles Playboy); Venture Farms/Harland & Jody Radomske; Dean Selvey.

23     SDP Two Timen Boon     $5,500
(2007 red roan m) (Meradas Blue Sue x SDP Janey Boone x Peptoboonsmal); Bred to Neat Little Cat; Diehl Hiner; Emilio Llamosoa.

24     Peppin Cat     $5,250
(1998 bay m) (High Brow Cat x Lil Sally Peppy x Peppy San Badger); Colt by Smart Little Rondee; Quail Ridge Ranch; Lightning 7.

25     SJR CD Dancer     $5,200
(2012 Sorrel Solid m) (CD Lights x Like A Sundance x Like A Diamond (PT)); San Juan Ranch; Emilio Llamosoa.

26/27     Cash It Mister     $5,000
(4/8/2012 bay m) (Cash It Johnny x Peps Nic x Mister Dual Pep); Ward Ranch; Red Cliffs Ranch.

26/27     Shes A Little Cat     $5,000
(3/29/2012 bay m) (Sophisticated Catt x Shes A Little Smart x Somebody Smart); Michelle Bishop; Brian Gruenig.

28     Name Pending     $4,700
(1/23/2012 sorrel s) (Stylish Rey x Miz Calypso Freckles x Freckles Playboy); Alan Chappell; Tom/Carmen Buckingham.

29/30     LCR Sneakers     $4,500
(4/1/2012 sorrel m) (Smooth As A Cat x Merada Cee x Master Merada); Gene/Nicki Hiner; Silver Wings Ranch.

29/30     Travalin Eyez     $4,500
(4/23/2012 sorrel s) (Eyes On Me x Travarosa x Travalena); Ty Ayers; Andrea Starr.

31/33     Flo With It     $4,000
(3/16/2012 black m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Miss Mcleoaknita x Mr Peponita Flo); Ward Ranch; Knoles Performance Horses.

31/33     QR Calamity Jane     $4,000
(2008 chestnut m) (Playgun x Shes My Darling x Haidas Little Pep); Filly by Boons Millennium; Quail Ridge Ranch; Bill Coon.

31/33     Shiny Mach A Roany     $4,000
(5/6/2012 palomino m) (Smart and Shiney x Machs Exress Moon x Sparkin Express); Peak Performance Horses, LLP; Haaby Tenley Performance Horses.

34     Sparkins Cool Expres     $3,500
(4/25/2012 sorrel s) (Cool Whimp x Diamonds On Sunday x Sparkin Express); Qtr Circle Nine Quarter Horses; Smith Ranch.

35/37     Christys Merada     $3,000
(1993 bay m) (Freckles Merada x Sugs Miss Chick x Doc’s Sug); Bred to Hydrive Cat; Travelers Farm; Copperhead Ranch.

35/37     Ruby Red Jewels     $3,000
(3/23/2012 sorrel m) (Julgun x Ibe Not For Sale x Reminic); Winfield Farms; Brian Gruenig

35/37     Shes Dualin Smart     $3,000
(3/22/2012 chestnut m) (Mister Dual Pep x Elans Smart Belle x Elans Playboy); Kevin & Staci Nelson; Red Cliffs Ranch.

38/39     Smart Little Devil     $2,750
(1995 sorrel m) (Smart Chic Olena x Juanita Brownburn x Sonny Browburn); Bred to Smart Little Pepinic; Ward Ranch; DL Ranch LLC.

38/39     Smokin Kit Dual     $2,750
(4/18/2012 sorrel s) (Kit Dual x Miss Smokin River x Powder River Playboy); Mike & Beth Herren; Cayley Wilson Performance Horses.


40     Cash For Pepto     $2,600
(2001 sorrel m) (Peptoboonsmal x Back For Cash x Cash Quixote Rio); Bred to Sold open; Quail Ridge Ranch; Copperhead Ranch.

41     ISR Not A Little Cat     $2,500
(5/30/2012 bay s) (Little Cielo x Kats Kallgirl x Gay Bar N Doc); Brendan & Stacey Duesterhaus; Weir Ranch.

42/43     Peptoes Genuine Doc     $2,400
(5/19/2012 palomino s) (Peptoes x Shiney Hiney x Shining Spark); Ingram Quarter Horses; Charles Stevens.

42/43     Take The Juls N Run     $2,400
(4/17/2012 gray s) (Julgun x Commanders Cat x High Brow Cat); Winfield Farms; Otley Livestock.

44     Starlight Dreamin     $2,300
(1994 sorrel m) (Grays Starlight x SR Image x Doc’s Hickory); Bred to Boonlight Dancer; Travelers Farm; Richard Wright.

45     Dunitatthewinebar     $1,750
(3/2/2012 sorrel m) (Dun It With A Twist x Please Send Cash x Chic Please); Tabor M Dahl – Agent; Gorgasser LLC.

46     Mister Lady Socks     $1,700
(1998 sorrel m) (Mister Dual Pep x Sugar Lady Socks x Holey Doc Sox); Bred to Sold open; Quail Ridge Ranch; Oton Villalobos.

47     Rainbow Flo     $1,250
(1999 gray m) (Mr Peponita Flo x Docs San Witch x Doc’s Prescription); Colt by Smart Little Rondee; Quail Ridge Ranch; Alan Chappell.

48/50     Little Lano Lena     $1,200
(1991 chestnut m) (Smart Little Lena x War Lano Lena x Doc’s Solano); Filly by Boons Millennium; Quail Ridge Ranch; Gale Hunt/Jennifer Sanford.

48/50     Melissa Josey     $1,200
(1991 bay m) (Docs Hickory x Kings Miss Hygro x Black Gold Zan); Bred to Sold open; Quail Ridge Ranch; Cindy Urresti.

48/50     QR Reminicing     $1,200
(2003 sorrel m) (Reminic x Freckles General x Colonel Freckles); Bred to Sold open; Quail Ridge Ranch; Bob Adolf.

51     Jo Jo Plays For Cash     $1,100
(4/9/2012 sorrel m) (Peppy Plays For Cash x Jumpin Jo Jo x Especial); Mike & Beth Herren; Scott Hulme.

52     Ill Be Baby     $600
(1994 bay m) (Ill Be Smart x Tena Quixote x Doc Quixote); Bred to Sold open; Quail Ridge Ranch; Richard.

53     Precious Lil Cash     $300
(1992 sorrel m) (Nu Cash x Docs Precious Pepy x Peppy San Badger); Bred to Sold open; Quail Ridge Ranch; Dylan Sponseller.

54/61     Dual Chex Macy     (RNA)
(2005 bay m) (Chex Out This Remedy x Miss Macy Remedy x Mister Dual Pep); Bred to Cats Full Moon; Sprig Haven Farms.

54/61     ISR Won More     (RNA)
(5/2/2012 bay m) (Little Cielo x Miel Classic Tejon x Mr San Olen); Island Star Ranch.

54/61     Jills Solitaire     (RNA)
(1996 sorrel m) (Lenas Jewel Bars x Lucky Bottom Jill x Lucky Star Mac); Bred to Smart Little Pepinic; Ward Ranch.

54/61     Mr Olena To You     (RNA)
(3/30/2012 sorrel s) (Olena Oak x Basically Lean x Lenas Wright On); Mike & Beth Herren.

54/61     Ms King Brow     (RNA)
(1993 red dun m) (High Brow Hickory x Skeets Lass x King Skeet); Bred to Stylish Rey; Venture Farms/Harland & Jody Radomske.

54/61     Muchachos Chickadee     (RNA)
(4/10/2012 bay m) (Muchacho Dually x Tinkerbells Pistol x Smart Little Pistol); Kent Blough.

54/61     My Date With Charles     (RNA)
(5/11/2012 chestnut s) (Its Just About Me x Powdered For A Date x Powder River Playboy); Mike & Beth Herren.

54/61     Tangy Cha Cha     (RNA)
(1995 chestnut m) (Tangys Classy Peppy x Willys Charro x Doc N Willy); Bred to Smart Little Pepinic; Ward Ranch.