NRCHA Announces New Events & Divisions

cutter-mclaughlinAs an under-13 rider, Cutter McLaughlin will automatically be cross-entered in the new 13 & Under youth division when he signs up to compete in the Youth Limited class in 2014. Primo Morales photo.In an effort to build relationships with other clubs and associations, the National Reined Cow Horse Association (NRCHA) Board of Directors has given the green light to a new “Introductory Event” NRCHA approval category in 2014. 

Introductory Events are designed for non-NRCHA affiliated groups with no previous history offering NRCHA classes. Money won at Introductory Events will be counted as NRCHA earnings for horses and riders, but Introductory Events will not offer points toward Regional or National awards, or NRCHA Celebration of Champions qualification.

An organization wanting to offer a NRCHA Introductory Event would pay a reduced $50 show approval fee, which is refunded if results were returned to the NRCHA within two weeks after the event. There are no added money requirements, and the only required classes are Open Bridle, Non-Pro Bridle, Youth Bridle, Non-Pro Limited and Youth Limited. A carded NRCHA judge must be used. All exhibitors and owners must be current NRCHA members. The $8.00 NRCHA fee per run does apply.

The Introductory Event designation will be available beginning in 2014. The NRCHA office staff is happy to help address any questions: 940-488-1500 or [email protected].  

New NRCHA Youth and Select divisions established for 2014

Riders at both ends of the age spectrum will enjoy additional competitive divisions within two of the largest National Reined Cow Horse Association horse show classes beginning in 2014.

The Non-Pro Select program is designed to increase participation among riders 55 and older at NRCHA Premier Events and affiliate shows. It adds a jackpot-only Select division to five existing NRCHA classes: the Non-Pro, Intermediate Non-Pro and Novice Non-Pro Bridle; and the Non-Pro Limited and $5,000 Non-Pro Limited.

Those classes will have a jackpot add-on, besides the regular class fees, for eligible riders who wish to enter. The standard NRCHA payout schedule will apply. To be eligible, a Select rider must be at least 55 years old on November 16th of the membership year. Select divisions will be offered on a provisional basis for the 2014 and 2015 show seasons. These divisions will not count for NRCHA Celebration of Champions World Show eligibility.

For the youngest riders, a new 13 & Under division will accompany the existing NRCHA Youth Bridle and Youth Limited classes. The division will be free to enter. Eligible riders, with age determined as of November 16th  of the membership year, will automatically be cross-entered in the 13 & Under when they sign up to compete in the Youth Limited or Youth Bridle class. 

No money will be paid out and no points will be calculated, but riders will receive separate recognition and/or awards.