APHA Hall Of Fame Nominations Due Soon

HallOfFameThe American Paint Horse Association (APHA) recognizes it is only through the incredible contributions of both people and horses that the Association and the Paint Horse breed has achieved its present stature, and therefore honors both people and horses in the Hall of Fame. The initial induction to the Hall of Fame coincided with the 50th Anniversary of APHA in 2012, and that inaugural class was inducted during the 2012 Annual Convention. The second class will be inducted during the 2014 Convention in February 2014.

It is now time to nominate candidates for the Hall of Fame Class of 2014 to be inducted in 2015. The deadline for nomination is Jan. 15, 2014.

Hall of Fame Criteria – Person

1.  Inductee must have made outstanding contributions to APHA and the Paint Horse Breed over a period of years as a breeder competitor, or contributor.

2.  Accomplishments must have been influential to the growth of the Association and/or breed.

3.  Inductee must have been a member of APHA during the period of time of the activities submitted on the nomination form.

4.  Member must have remained in good standing throughout their APHA membership tenure.

5.  Inductee may be either living or deceased.

Submissions should contain a completed nomination form highlighting a compilation of achievements, biographical information, related honors, and supporting documentation to illustrate the contributions of the nominee.

In addition to a completed nomination form, a minimum of two and a maximum of four unique letters of recommendation from different sources are required, as well as a photograph of the nominee.  These may be attached and emailed or mailed to Jan Anderson, [email protected].

This form is designed to help expedite the nomination process.  If you need more space, please submit it in writing on 8.5 x 11 sheets not to exceed a total of 4 printed pages.  Nominations for Hall of fame inductees will not be accepted verbally.

Nominees will automatically remain on the ballot for further consideration for a total of five consecutive years, if not selected upon initial nomination. It is not necessary to re-nominate a person or horse during that period; however, it is suggested that updated information be provided (such as updated contact information, additional awards, etc.)  After a total of five years, the nominee must be resubmitted for consideration. 

Hall of Fame Criteria – Horse 

1. Inductee must have made outstanding contributions to the American Paint Horse Breed over a period of years as a sire, dam, competitor, or, inductee must have helped the Association excel or brought extraordinary recognition to APHA and the American Paint Horse Breed.

2.  Inductee must be a registered American Paint Horse.

3.  Inductee (horse) must be deceased.

4.  HOF Recognition will go to last owner of record.