Behind the Win: Nick Dowers

Nick Dowers 2013 Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion from Jim Essick “Too Tall” on Vimeo.

I am posting this video bio I put together for Nick last spring of his horse training business that was intended for private use. Nick’s Snaffle Bit Futurity win was so genuine and well deserved I really feel that if you like what you saw in his performance you will be taken by what an authentic horseman he truly is.

I have always asked Nick if we could post it but in respect to his privacy I never did, well that all changed last Saturday night when he won the Snaffel Bit Futurity, people need to know his story. This win is no accident, that’s a great horse with an incredibly talented horseman, it is so exciting to see a horse and rider put so much trust in each other. If you have the time, watch it to the end, when I was filming the wind picked up and really blew, it was all in a days work for Nick, he is the real deal.