High Brow Cat Clone Born

HBCClone-webHigh Brow Cat’s clone, pictured at two weeks old.A clone of all-time leading cutting horse sire High Brow Cat arrived the evening of July 3 and has enjoyed the first couple weeks of his life in good health at Weatherford Equine Breeding Center in Weatherford, Texas.

Dr. Heath Qualls, attending veterinarian at the colt’s birth, said all went well. “He is a very healthy and very active baby. It all went as planned.”

 “It went great. He’s doing really well,” said Darren Blanton, managing partner of the Dallas-based company Colt Ventures.” Jack [Waggoner, High Brow Cat’s longtime owner] said he acts just like High Brow Cat did. He’s real feisty and ornery, and I think he’s going to be really healthy.”

High Brow Cat (High Brow Hickory x Smart Little Kitty x Smart Little Lena) has sired earners of more than $57.5 million, according to Equi-Stat. He has also ranked as cutting’s top annual sire the past 11 years. While he is now sterile, High Brow Cat is still being promoted and used as a breeding stallion through the use of frozen semen.

Colt Ventures purchased High Brow Cat, now 25, in January as part of a larger package that encompassed the entire Waggoner Ranch operation. The then-unborn clone was included in the deal.

“We are happy that the clone has been born. It will be interesting to see how it turns out,” said Blanton.

An ongoing civil case in Amarillo, Texas will determine if clones and their foals can be registered in the future as American Quarter Horses.

“I think it would be good if we could register the babies, but we weren’t really planning on it,” Blanton said. “It’s nothing but upside if it works.”