Redbud Reining Classes Back On

UPDATE: The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association is moving forward with the reining classes at the Redbud Spectacular.

On Sunday, the OQHA Facebook page stated: “OQHA is excited to announce that this afternoon the Fire Marshall and the Safety Management Team of Oklahoma City evaluated the OKC Fairgrounds will be releasing it to be safe to hold events. (Facility will not be available to us until Thursday. Details have been worked out this evening between the Redbud Management and the OKC fair grounds and we will now be able to go forward with the Reining portion of the Redbud. The facility will be up and running Thursday at 7:00 a.m. to receive horses. The reining will be Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. OQHA Management”

Earlier News:

After tornados once again plagued the Oklahoma City area of May 31, the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association released a special bulletin on June 1 announcing the cancellation of the Redbud Spectacular. The show had been scheduled to run through June 9.

OQHA’s bulletin states: The Safety Management Team of Oklahoma City has evaluated the condition of the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds after the weather last night. They havenotified the OKC Fairgrounds Facility Management that the facility will have to be closed at this time. The Facility Management has notifed OQHA that we will not be able to continue with our event.Once again, we regret that the Redbud Event has been cancelled by Facility Management.

NOTICE YOUTH MEETING CANCELLED: The OQHYA meeting schedule today has been cancelled do to conditions at the fairgrounds.

The event schedule tonight at Remington will still go on. The fun starts at 5:00 p.m. at Remington Park.

OQHA appreciates the support and patience of its exhibitors. Thank You for your understanding.

OQHA Management