National Reining Horse Youth Association Launches New Website

vrc-logoThe new National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) Varsity Reining Club (VRC) website, varsityreining.com, is up and running. NRHyA has updated the entire site, which includes new and exciting prizes such as a Montana Silversmith Buckle, with more new items to come. You can create a new account, but you must be a current NRHyA member to participate.

What is Varsity Reining Club?

The VRC was established in order to engage youth members and encourage them to become more active at both the local and national levels outside of the show arena. This program offers NRHyA members opportunities to contribute to the youth association, in addition to developing valuable life skills that will allow them to be successful contributing members of society.
In addition to giving youth members the opportunity to interact with one another and participate in the program, VRC is a tool to teach life skills that will help them grow and mature. Stressing the importance of community service, being an active member in a group while learning to work with others, public speaking, written communications skills, and creativity are all-important skills that can be further developed by participating in the VRC program.

Points are award for specific activities that each member completes and then the points can be used not only to purchase prizes, but also to win scholarships, too. Within the program, there are five core levels, which are based off point totals. 

No submissions will be accepted that were completed before May 3, with the exception of photography and creative artwork. They may be submitted for the Art & Photo Contest at the 2013 NRHA Derby. Don’t forget that activities must be submitted within 30 days of completion in order to be awarded points. 

Double Point Opportunities 

A selected activity will be featured each month to give VRC participants the opportunity to earn double points for their involvement. Participants can check back each month to see which activity gives them the chance to earn awesome prizes even faster.
If you have any questions about VRC or the NRHA, please contact NRHyA at [email protected] or 405-946-7400. Photos are available upon request.
Media Contact:
Christa Morris
Sr. Director of Marketing
National Reining Horse Association
(405) 946-7400