Channel Your Energy

Anna Mitchell
Do you feel like you are stretched a bit thin these days? Maybe like you are being pulled in too many directions at once? Life can get crazy sometimes and can leave us feeling overworked and unfulfilled.

 For many of us, sports are recreational. They are our hobby rather than our main source of income. Consequently, when we get short on time, it’s often our sports that get shoved to the side, or our performance suffers because we are distracted by other commitments. We find ourselves in a situation where our sporting time competes with other areas of our life, and it becomes difficult to justify time spent in the practice pen or on the road chasing our personal goals.

We are left with a toxic cocktail of negative emotions, including guilt and resentment that can pervade our relationships at work and at home. By nature, many of us seem to feel that our own goals and plans are not as important as those of others, or the group comes before the individual. This is actually part of our “clan” mentality and helped keep us alive back in the days of the dinosaurs.

News flash … the dinosaurs are dead. It’s OK to focus on yourself sometimes. It’s healthy to have your own goals and ambitions. Yes, we still have commitments and expectations but somewhere in there needs to be some time for you. If you feel like everyone else’s needs come before your own maybe it’s time to prioritize and re-organize.

·       Clarify your goals. If you could forget about everyone else for a moment, what do you want to achieve? Vague goals are like trying to hit a moving target. They take up time and energy that you don’t have to spare. Keep your goals clear and concise so you know exactly what you are aiming for. 

·       Eliminate unnecessary time suckers. Become more efficient with your time. Think about what you do on a daily basis and try to come up with at least a couple of unnecessary time suckers that  you could eliminate to give you some extra time to pursue your goals.

·       Delegate. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Often people are more than willing to offer a hand but you have to be prepared to let go of the reins. Take some time to work out which things you absolutely need to do yourself and which could be done by someone else. 

·       Seek support. Share your goals with people you trust. It helps to have a cheer squad to get you through the challenges and it keeps you accountable.

·       Give yourself a break. Set some time aside to work on your goals and give yourself permission to focus solely on you for that period of time. This is your time to channel your energy and follow your dreams. 

Peak performance takes concentration, commitment, confidence, and control. It is difficult to achieve these conditions if you feel pulled in different directions. Decide what you can let go and take some time to channel your energy to make the little time that you have count.

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