Texas Tornado

Tornados Strike Cutting Capital

Texas TornadoQuarter Horse News Editor Stacy Pigott saw the Parker County tornado from the Interstate. When she arrived home, there were rotating clouds in her Brock neighborhood. Photo by Amy NeslerThe Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas experienced a strong bout of severe weather Wednesday evening, May 15, which resulted in several tornados. One tornado touched down in the cutting capital of the world – Weatherford, Texas, and another slammed through Granbury.

The tornadic weather struck Weatherford while many cutting horse trainers were away in Tulsa, Okla., at the Breeder’s Invitational limited-age show. It was the first tornado in the storm to hit.

That Parker County tornado touched down on Tin Top Road, causing damage at Equi-Stat Elite $2 Million Rider Eddie Flynn’s cutting operation. Flynn, who was in Oklahoma during the storm, came home around 3 a.m. Thursday to check his property.

“There is a lot of tree damage and a little bit of damage to the buildings,” Flynn, who lives on Pickard Lane, said. “All the livestock was good and all the crew is good. Winston Hansma just lives a couple miles from me and they didn’t have any damage.”

A stronger, mile-wide tornado formed in Hood County and ripped through Granbury and Cleburne, causing the most destruction. As of noon Thursday, six people were reported dead and many more were injured. The National Weather Service reported that particular rotation was rated an F4, with winds possibly reaching 200 mph.

Volunteers in the DFW area can contact the First United Methodist Church at 817-573-5573. The shelter is located in Granbury off of Loop 567.

If more news becomes available, Quarter Horse News will keep you updated.