Mary Ann Rapp Tops $4 Million In Non-Pro Earnings

MaryAnnToyEngineMary Ann Rapp and Toy EngineMary Ann Rapp, Weatherford, Texas, recently became the first person to earn more than $4 million as a Non-Pro cutting rider.

Rapp headed into the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Super Stakes, held March 28-April 20 in Fort Worth, Texas, with non-pro earnings of $3,998,673, according to Equi-Stat. She topped the $4 million mark by picking up another $35,433 at the limited-age show in Will Rogers Coliseum.

Her overall earnings, including Non-Pro, Youth, Open and Novice Horse monies, are $4,164,765 as of May 1. Rapp is also only the second female to surpass $4 million in earnings. The only other woman who has earned more is trainer Kathy Daughn, Gonzalez, Texas. Daughn earned $4,225,649 through April, according to Equi-Stat.

“When I started showing, my mentor was Sandy Bonelli,” Rapp said. “It’s quite an honor to become the leading non-pro, with a good group of people close by.”

Through April, Dustin Adams, Dublin, Texas, ranked second among non-pros with about $3.6 million earned. Chad Bushaw, Weatherford, Texas, ranked third with about $2.8 million. Bonelli, Petaluma, Calif., ranked fourth with about $2.7 million.

Rapp’s husband, trainer Phil Rapp, is cutting’s top-earning rider overall with open and non-pro earnings totaling nearly $8.4 million. The Rapps also rank among cuttings’ all-time top owners and breeders

 “I can’t imagine my life without horses,” Rapp said. “I grew up on a ranch, riding horses and working cattle. It’s just what I’ve always loved to do.”

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