APHA World Show Qualifications Change For 2013

painthorseThe Executive Committee of the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) recently approved changes to qualification requirements – including cutting and working cow horse classes – for their World Shows. The association hosts two World Show competitions annually: the AjPHA Youth World Show in the summer, and the APHA World Show for Open and Amateur exhibitors in the fall.

APHA’s qualifying requirements are strictly participation-based on the horse, rather than on points earned. In 2012, the first year of World Show qualification for the APHA World Show series, horses were to have been shown at four different APHA-approved events, with a minimum of eight judges total during the qualifying period. Exceptions were made for young halter and performance horses, in addition to those whose discipline-specific classes were not offered in their area.

With one full qualification cycle now complete, APHA’s governing body was able to determine changes needed in the qualification requirements in the best interest of the exhibitors and the association. Dramatically fewer variance requests will be approved going forward now that the concept is no longer in its infancy.

Qualification requirements remain the same for the majority of horses. Changes are listed in bold type below.

Horses being shown only in the following classes are not required to qualify due to time constraints and age of horse:

      • Weanling halter
      • Yearling halter
      • Broodmares (must meet broodmare eligibility as outlined in Rule SC-175.L.f.)
      • Yearling Longe Line and Yearling In-Hand Trail
      • Two-year-old performance horses
      • Three-year-old performance horses

Horses being shown only in the designated specialty disciplines listed below (Regular Registry and Solid Paint-Bred) must compete at two (2) different APHA-approved show events, with a minimum of four (4) judges total during the qualifying period. Horses may be shown in any state, regardless of residence, to qualify – participation is the key.

      • Cutting
      • Working Cow Horse
      • Ranch Sorting
      • Roping
      • Goat Tying
      • Speed Events
      • Over Fences (except Hunter Hack)

A limited number of exemptions will be granted to horses based on classes not offered during the qualifying year in the owner’s zone.  Exemption will be granted to horses whose owners reside in that zone only in the classes that were not held. If a horse is qualified by the exemption, the horse must be entered in that class to be eligible to compete at the World Show.

Read the complete World Show qualifying requirements on APHA’s website in the “Qualifiers” section at or, or at .

In 2012, some 2,476 horses successfully qualified for the Youth World Show by participation, while another 2,743 qualified for the Open/Amateur World Show in the fall.

“We hope that adjusting the participation requirements for those horses with specialized skills will make it more realistic for them to compete at the World Show level in the coming year,” said Holly Slaughter, APHA Senior Director of Shows.