APHA and Cowboy Mounted Shooting Assn. Team Up

The American Paint Horse Association (APHA) and the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA) have partnered to provide a host of new achievement opportunities for American Paint Horses. Beginning in April, Paints competing at select CMSA events can earn double recognition, winning prizes and accolades from both associations.

An increasingly popular equine event, cowboy mounted shooting is a fast-action, timed event over specific courses with a high degree of speed and agility from the horse and skilled shooting from the rider.

“It’s hard to find anything more fun than shooting and riding your Paint Horse fast,” APHA Executive Director Billy Smith said. “This is a great opportunity for fans of speed, fun and Paint Horses.”

“Valued for their athleticism, versatility and flashy markings, Paint Horses are a natural and popular choice for CMSA participants,” APHA Senior Director of Shows Holly Slaughter said. “We’re thrilled to offer APHA points and recognition in this exciting sport.”

Paint Horses who compete at the CMSA Jeffers National Championship in Tunica, Mississippi, April 16–20, are eligible to earn APHA recognition in Youth, Classic Amateur, Masters Amateur and Open divisions. Points will be determined by APHA regulation.  The Paint Horse portion will be a divisional gender split payback with a 70% payout.

“We’re excited to welcome APHA members and their Paints to Tunica,” CMSA Executive Director Andee Lamoreaux said. “To be eligible for APHA recognition, competitors must bring their horse’s registration papers and their current APHA membership card to the show office.”

Additional dual-approval for Paints will be offered at the 2013 CMSA Championship Series Events: CMSA Stephenville Trailer Central US Championships in Guthrie, Oklahoma, June 4-8; CMSA Scully Western US Championships in Las Vegas July 31–August 3; ; CMSA Classic Equine Eastern US Championships in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, September 3-7; and the CMSA Tony Lama World Championships in Amarillo, Texas, October 15-19.

Paint Horses competing at these CMSA events are eligible to earn APHA Registers of Merit, Superior Event titles, APHA Champion titles, Performance Versatility awards, and Honor Roll awards. Learn more about APHA’s recognition of mounted shooting in the 2013 Official APHA Rule Book, available at apha.com/forms/rulebook.

Register for the CMSA Jeffers National Championship online at cmsaevents.com.