Fort Worth City Auditors Clear NCHA

nchalogoThe National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) has issued a statement and released a letter from the City of Fort Worth’s City Auditor, Darlene J. Allen, regarding the Texas Major Events Fund.

The NCHA press release states: “Amidst allegations from a previously settled lawsuit, the Fort Worth City Internal Audit Department reviewed Texas Major Events Trust Fund (METF) applications made by the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA).

The auditors subsequently notified the NCHA that following the review of applications and supporting documents, the NCHA used appropriate formulas and procedures to request funding from the METF. The auditors determined that the NCHA had properly supplied all information to the economist for the preparation of the economic impact studies used to determine funding from the METF.”

Read the NCHA’s full statement here.

View the letter from the Fort Worth City Auditor.