2013 NRHyA Officers Announced


2013 NRHyA President Emma Holbrook

The National Reining Horse Youth Association (NRHyA) announced their 2013 NRHyA officer team on January 31. NRHyA’s 2013 officers include President Emma Holbrook of Oklahoma, Vice-President Jaclynn Brooks from Utah, Secretary Shaelyn Vering of Nebraska, Treasurer Claire Dittrich from Nebraska, and Historian Amy Stoney from Colorado. President Emma Holbrook, 16, is a sophomore at Perry High School in Perry, Okla. Emma has served as the Oklahoma Reining Horse Youth Association vice-president for four years and was appointed to the NRHyA vice-president position in 2012. Emma is extremely honored to have the opportunity to serve as the 2013 NRHyA president and looks forward to working with the new officer team.

Jaclynn Brooks, 16, is a junior at Syracuse High School  in Syracuse, Utah. She served as the Mountain Region delegate for 2010 and 2011, and was the 2012 NRHyA secretary.  Shaelyn Vering, 15, is a freshman at Central Catholic High School in a small town in Nebraska. She loves to write and is looking forward to this new opportunity as NRHyA secretary. Claire Dittrich, 15, attends Elkhorn Valley High as a freshman. Last year, she served as a delegate for the North Central Reining Horse Association. Claire and her horse Spinster Whiz were State 4-H champions last year and also competed in Oklahoma City during the NRHA Futurity. Amy Stoney, 16, is homeschooled in McClave, Colorado. Amy served as a delegate for the Mountain Region in 2012. She was the official photographer for her local affiliate, the Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Association, where she currently serves as president.

The NRHyA offers young reiners of all ages and experience levels the opportunities they need to get started in the sport of reining. Since 2001, young reiners in the NRHyA have benefited from their membership through college scholarships, learning experiences from some of the top reining trainers, lifelong friendships and a whole lot of fun along the way.