NRBC Introduces Reiners U, Featuring Dick Pieper

nrbc_logoEveryone in the performance horse world knows that the National Reining Breeders Classic is the place to be in April for the industry’s top reining professionals. But beginning in 2013 with the advent of Reiners U, it will become the place for beginners as well.

With the introduction of Reiners U, newbie reiners will have classes of their own with the Green Reiner classes and will also be able to receive free coaching from one of the horse world’s icons, Dick Pieper.

This new facet of competition and instruction will take advantage of the opportunities offered by the newly expanded facilities at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center, home of the NRBC in Katy, Texas. NRBC Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Cody said, “For an event that had pretty much grown to fill up two arenas running simultaneously throughout the show, the creation and construction of the new Tellepsen Arena allows more classes and more concurrently run activities. That made 2013 a logical year to be able to add a true entry-level day for aspiring reiners who want to get their feet wet in this event on a level playing field.”

NRBC Vice President Colleen McQuay noted, “The sport of reining is proving to be attractive to many people of all ages. The short stirrup has proven to be a good beginning for our children but we need to do more for the adults who want to begin to rein. Offering the Green Reiner classes as well as the educational opportunities are steps we are taking to help adults to enjoy our sport. This group makes up a large portion of the industry. Adults who are getting started riding are big contributors to the industry and deserve all the opportunities we can give them.”

Commenting on the new opportunities afforded by the expanded Great Southwest facilties, she added, “It is only because of the trust and support of the GSWEC that we are able to now add this to our schedule. Without the third arena available to us we could not make it happen.”

From the NRBC Board’s conviction to offer special green classes grew the concept of providing pre-show training and coaching.

McQuay said, “The popularity of the western disciplines is tremendous but I feel that the opportunities of education are very limited in comparison to some of the others types of riding.

This sport grew first from the interest in futurities and developing young horses. The growth of developing

“Dick Pieper is known as a tremendous communicator and clinician,” continued Cody, “and we’re thrilled to be able to offer the free one-on-one time with him to our Green Reiners!” Action for Green Reiners begins in the Wheless Arena (formerly East Arena) at 10 am on Saturday, April 20 with the training session followed by Green Rider I. Sunday at 9 am it’s back to the arena for the Green Rider 2 class.

For Pieper, it’s an opportunity to help people start themselves down a road to advanced communication with their horses. “We want to focus on the beginners,” he noted, then added. “Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting your feet wet. It just takes making that first step that might be the beginning of a life-long passion. At the seminar session, we’ll cover both skill and training topics as well as some showing tips.”

The educational opportunities will continue during the actual green classes. At the conclusion of each run, the exhibitor will be given a sheet showing the judge’s scores for each maneuver.

The National Reining Breeders Classic is the most successful stallion incentive program in reining history. In just 16 years, the NRBC has grown to include upwards of 200 subscribed stallions and in 2012, there were more than 2,100 enrolled foals. Annually, the payout at the NRBC exceeds $1.3 million. For information on the NRBC, visit the website at or call 580-759-3939. The 2013 NRBC will be held April 15-21 at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas.