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Coalson's Real Estate Tips - Realistic vs. Overpriced

Written by Coalson Real Estate on .

Some people seem to think the world is full of wealthy, ignorant buyers. Some of these same people have the mentality that one of these wealthy ignorant buyers will somehow happen by their grossly overpriced property and write a check for it. After 22 years of working in the farm and ranch real estate business, I have yet to cross paths with one of these individuals.

99.5 percent of the sellers out there today who really want to sell must take a hard, cold look at the property’s realistic value. What is my property really worth in today’s market? The formal way to do this is with an appraisal performed by an appraiser with a MAI (Member of Appraisal Institute) designation. These are considered the highest-ranking appraisers in the industry.

Another way is a broker’s opinion, which is based on opinions of an area and not comparables such as the MAI appraiser would use. People with means (money) normally don’t acquire it without being somewhat intelligent or very smart business people. Many people who inherit money have been around very astute businessmen or have access to attorneys or trust departments who employ highly intelligent people.

The bottom line is, if you are going to take the time to sell your property, price it correctly with some negotiating room. If you are grossly overpriced, very few if any will even look at it.

McAllen Coalson, Broker / COALSON REAL ESTATE

Bail Denied In Zetas Horse/Money Laundering Case

Written by Press Release on .

July 8, 2012 - According to UPI news, "A federal judge denied bail to a Texas man accused of laundering money for the Mexican Zetas drug cartel through purchasing and training racehorses."

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June 2012 - According to the New York Times, drug money from a Mexican cartel has snaked its way into Quarter Horse racing. The Treviño brothers established a prominent horse breeding operation, Tremor Enterprises, in the United States that allowed them to launder millions of dollars in drug money, according to current and former federal law enforcement officials. Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, second in command of Mexico's Zetas drug trafficking organization, and his older brother, José Treviño Morales, had claimed the million-dollar All American Futurity in 2010 with a colt named Mr. Piloto. In the short span of three years, Tremor won three of the industry’s biggest races, with prizes totaling some $2.5 million.

The brothers have stables in Ruidoso, N.M., and a ranch in Oklahoma with an estimated 300 stallions and mares. The Justice Department moved against Tremor on Tuesday morning, June 12. Follow the Quarter Horse racing drug money story here.

Coalson Real Estate Tip – Mortgage Rates & Good Credit

Written by Mac Coalon on .

As most of you know, mortgage rates are low and highly competitive right now. Some banks are offering conventional farm and ranch acquisition rates in the 4+ percent range.  So if you are considering refinancing or acquiring a large purchase, now is the time to act and secure a low interest rate with a financial institution. Be careful not to overlook the origination fee or other costs that can boost the bank’s profitability beyond the thunder of low interest rates. Interest charged on a loan can also be a deduction on your taxes. This is all great and good if you have good credit. Sadly, many Americans have bad to terrible credit. How does this occur, you ask? It can build over time, with many very late to no payments on different notes such as credit cards, auto loans, etc.. Having good credit is underrated and unappreciated like it should be. It is a great advantage to have good credit. Having good to great credit does not mean you should go out and sign up for three credit cards and max them out. Having good credit means you have financial credibility, and most banking institutions respect and desire customers with it. Use it wisely.

McAllen Coalson, Broker / Coalson Real Estate

Adan Banuelos Wins World's Greatest Horseman Shootout

Written by AQHA Press Release on .

battleinthesaddleAdan Banuelos, Jacksboro, Texas, representing the National Cutting Horse Association, beat out his competition by over 30 points to win the 2012 World's Greatest Horseman Shootout at the Battle In The Saddle event in Oklahoma City, Okla. The pair scored a 217 in cutting, 225 in steer stopping, 215.5 in reining and 215.5 in fence work.

America's Horse in Art

Written by AQHA on .

"He Knows His Job," by Mary Ross Buchholz
America’s Horse in Art returns to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum in Amarillo, Texas, with a list of more than 30 world-renowned Western artists providing pieces for the fifth annual art show and sale. Mark your calendar now, Aug. 11-Nov. 10, for this great event in the Scharbauer Gallery.

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