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Coalson's Real Estate Tips – Surveys

Written by Coalson Real Estate on .

When a buyer purchases property from a seller, there are many important considerations. One very important document is a survey completed and stamped by a registered surveyor. The survey describes and determines the exact acreage or square footage in a subject property. A seller or buyer needs to know exactly how much property is being sold or purchased so the title company or closer can determine exactly how much money is needed to close.

The title company also uses the survey to describe their title policy that is provided to the buyer. Surveys also portray where most utility easements cross the property.  Surveys show if fences are on or off the deed lines, where improvements are located on the subject property, and many times easements where an individual has the right to cross the subject property to access their property.

Surveyors must research the title to ascertain where old survey lines are and who adjoining neighbors are. Most of the time, sellers provide or pay for surveys, but sometimes the seller and buyer split the cost of a new survey. Banks financing properties for buyers most always require surveys.

Personally speaking, I would never buy property without a survey; it’s peace of mind and worth the expense.

McAllen Coalson, Broker / Coalson Real Estate

Rita Crundwell Pleads Not Guilty

Written by QHN Staff on .

Rita Crundwell

According to wifr.com, leading Quarter Horse breeder and owner Rita Crundwell, the former Dixon, Ill., comptroller accused of stealing $53 million and stashing it in a secret bank account, pleaded not guilty to wire fraud on May 7. Prosecuters say they have more than 11,000 documents and photos that show how Crundwell pocketed her millions. U.S. Marshalls have taken control of nearly 300 of her horses. Crundwell is scheduled to be back in court at 11 a.m. on June 15 for a status hearing.

Alleged College Cattle Thief Arrested

Written by Sonny Williams on .

May 2012 - According to the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA), a Connors State College student was arrested for allegedly stealing and selling five head of cattle from the school's agriculture program.

TSCRA Special Rangers Bart Perrier and John Cummings arrested Artrell Mark Carmouche, 23, of Humble, Texas, after information surfaced that Carmouche, who attended the school on a rodeo scholarship, allegedly took five stolen cows to a sale barn in Bristow, Okla., where he sold them for approximately $5,400.

"Connors State College has been great to work with during this investigation and steps have already been taken to prevent these types of crimes in the future," Perrier said.

Carmouche is currently being held in the Muskogee County jail charged with larceny of domestic animals. Bond is set at $5,000. Visit www.tscra.org for more information.

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