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Glenn Blodgett Elected to AQHA Executive Committee

Written by AQHA on .

Dr. Glenn Blodgett
At the 2012 American Quarter Horse Association Convention in Las Vegas, Nev., a new member was elected to the AQHA Executive Committee. This five-person committee is responsible for implementing important decisions made by AQHA members through the board of directors. The newest member of the committee is Dr. Glenn Blodgett, 63, of Guthrie, Texas.

Comptroller's Use of Texas Sports Event Funds Questioned

Written by QHN Staff on .

According to an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, there are questions about the oversight of money being distributed by the Event Trust Fund in Texas. "... in recent years [Texas Comptroller Susan] Combs has used that power to approve millions of dollars in expenditures on events that originated here and don't appear to be leaving Texas anytime soon."

The Event Trust Fund's contributions greatly benefit a number of equine events held in Texas, including shows produced by NCHA, NRHA, APHA, AQHA and NRCHA.

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See how much money was distributed to approved events

Coalson's Real Estate Tips

Written by Sonny Williams on .

The past two years have been a great time to buy and a challenging time to sell, according to real estate experts. During these times, people are still relocating, downsizing or forced to sell. There are still ways to squeeze extra dollars out of property. We estimate that prices fell roughly 20 percent compared to the 2007 peak. Prices have leveled off, yet no escalation has taken place thus far with regard to property appreciation.

Many factors contribute to the length of time a property remains on the market. Location, location, location is still the most important part of real estate. A well-maintained property that gleams with pride will mostly likely sell much better than one that has been left to die. Property must be cleaned up to bring the best dollars. First impressions are paramount. Overgrazing or overstocking pasture land is a big negative to selling ranch country. Clean, well-maintained homes, barns and fences are signs of the people who live there and how they feel about their property.

Being realistic and not emotional about the value of your property is imperative. Offering some mineral rights if a seller owns any is also very important in assisting marketing most properties. Some may choose to hire a real estate company to sell their property. If so, choose an aggressive, well-known real estate company with a good reputation – this is a very important factor to selling your property. Stay positive and focused.

Mac A. Coalson, Sr. Broker
Coalson Real Estate

Coat Color Testing

Written by AQHA on .

aqha_logoThe American Quarter Horse Association is now offering several coat-color tests, including a panel test, individual color tests and gray zygosity test. This test is designed to determine the actual coat color of a horse.

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