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2012 Battle In The Saddle Schedule

Written by AQHA on .

battleinthesaddle_logoThe tentative schedule for the 2012 Battle In The Saddle is now available. Battle In The Saddle, July 3-8 in Oklahoma City, Okla., showcases the many talents of the great American Quarter Horse. The 2012 event will feature versatility ranch horse competition, cutting, roping, cowboy mounted shooting, barrel racing, working cow horse, ranch sorting, ranch pleasure, a ranch remuda challenge and the third annual World’s Greatest Horseman Shootout.

Coalson's Real Estate Tip – Improved Pasture Maintenance

Written by Coalson Real Estate on .

It's that time of year to think about "What can I do to increase and maximize the forage production of what I have for the spring and summer?" There are many different schools of thought regarding fertilization and weed control. For us, this currently means chemical fertilizer and weed killer. Depending on the size of your operation and your time, there are licensed service providers that will apply these types of products to your property for a fee. These service providers normally incorporate their equipment with their product for your specific or particular needs. In the region of Parker County, Texas, the fertilizer and weed control should be applied around April 15-25 of each year. Temperature and moisture should be monitored and are important. For instance, this year we are about 10-15 days early. Keep a watchful eye every few days for weed growth, and at that time, apply 200-300 pounds per acre of fertilizer and weed killer. After hay is harvested, another 200-300 pounds of fertilizer is recommended. September fertilization is important to promote a good root system for the winter to protect against dry and extreme cold, which can damage or kill the turf. This advice is an accumulation of 50 years of farming and ranching experience in north-central Texas. If the good Lord keeps the rain coming and you don't overgraze your pasture, this could be a great hay year.

Mac A. Coalson, Sr. Broker / COALSON REAL ESTATE

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AQHA Convention Wrap-up

Written by AQHA on .

aqha_logoEach spring, the American Quarter Horse Association holds an annual convention to review member-submitted rule changes, appoint new AQHA directors, induct new members to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and present year-end awards. The 2012 AQHA Convention was March 9-12 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Coalson's Real Estate Tips – Ag Exemption

Written by Sonny Williams on .

Spring is here, and with that can be a mammoth list. Near the top of any list should be to make sure that your land is in agricultural exemption (AE) on the property tax rolls. As most of us will agree, taxes are not the coolest of subjects to discuss; however, property taxes can be a real financial burr in your saddle if your land is not in AE when it could be. AE property taxes are significantly lower than the normal land tax rates. Structural improvements are not considered. This can be a significant savings for most people. Ten acres is the minimum acreage to qualify for AE, and the land must be narrowly and exclusively focused on the enhancement and development of agriculture. If property falls out of AE, it could take up to five years to regain AE status. Jan. 1 to April 31 is the deadline to apply for AE. Contact your local property tax appraisal district to inquire about AE or any other questions concerning property taxes. There's no need in paying significantly more that you have to if your land qualifies.

McAllen Coalson, Broker / Coalson Real Estate

Trainer Indicted For Alleged Horse Protection Act Violations

Written by HSUS Press Release on .

March 2012 - According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, "Federal criminal charges against a top trainer in the multimillion-dollar Tennessee walking horse industry have some asking whether current methods to halt abusive practices of 'horse soring' are effective or if the entire sport needs an overhaul.

'I think it is a huge wake-up call for the industry. [McConnell] is a key player,” said Keith Dane, director of equine protection for the Humane Society of the United States.' "

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