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Coalson Real Estate Tip – When to Purchase

Written by Mac Coalson on .

My grandfather and old school cattleman born in 1889 once told my father, “Son, you make your money when you buy em.” Most of us in the buy-and-sell world, no matter what the commodity, is dependent on the margin or difference between the purchase and the sale. Most people in life think the money is made when they sell at a higher price than what they paid for it plus what they have added to it. They are not wrong; however, astute buyers focus on the first part of the equation – THE PURCHASE. If they can purchase at lower values, then they are off to a winning start. THE KEY IS KNOWING WHEN TO PURCHASE. Smart buyers buck the majority by doing the opposite of what the market is doing – which right now is selling. They are the rarity of the equation. Less buyers + higher real estate inventories for sale = lower prices & negotiable sellers. The most obvious time to buy is in a down or depressed market such as 2010 and 2011. As of today, more buyers are looking and purchasing, verses one to two years ago, and prices have not risen yet – there is still time to get in and play, but don’t wait too long.

McAllen Coalson, Broker / Coalson Real Estate

2012 AQHA World Show Schedule Announced

Written by QHN Staff on .

June 2012 - The tentative schedule for the 2012 Bank of America Amateur and FedEx Open AQHA World Championship Show is now available online there. The AQHA World Show, which is Nov. 2-17 at the State Fair Park in Oklahoma City, features the world’s top riders and their American Quarter Horses.

Coalson's Real Estate Tips – Surveys

Written by Coalson Real Estate on .

When a buyer purchases property from a seller, there are many important considerations. One very important document is a survey completed and stamped by a registered surveyor. The survey describes and determines the exact acreage or square footage in a subject property. A seller or buyer needs to know exactly how much property is being sold or purchased so the title company or closer can determine exactly how much money is needed to close.

The title company also uses the survey to describe their title policy that is provided to the buyer. Surveys also portray where most utility easements cross the property.  Surveys show if fences are on or off the deed lines, where improvements are located on the subject property, and many times easements where an individual has the right to cross the subject property to access their property.

Surveyors must research the title to ascertain where old survey lines are and who adjoining neighbors are. Most of the time, sellers provide or pay for surveys, but sometimes the seller and buyer split the cost of a new survey. Banks financing properties for buyers most always require surveys.

Personally speaking, I would never buy property without a survey; it’s peace of mind and worth the expense.

McAllen Coalson, Broker / Coalson Real Estate

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