Collar Stability — Breast Collar Fit and Safety

breastcollarsBreast Collars are generally an optional item on a saddle but for disciplines like barrel racing, roping, and cow horse where our horses make quick stops and turns with powerful acceleration and pull they can be a life saver. Steep inclines on the trail are another place a breast collar is invaluable.

2015 NRHA Proposed Bylaw Amendments & Officer Elections

Voting for the 2015 NRHA proposed Bylaw Amendments and Officer Elections are open. Electronic ballets (eBallot) will be accepted through Sept. 8, and absentee paper ballots will be accepted through Sept. 4. Voters must be at least 19 years of age by Jan. 1, 2014 to participate. Associate Members are not eligible to vote in this election. 

Do You Start Your Colts in a Sidepull, Bosal or Snaffle?

There is a wide variety of equipment used to start horses. Here are some of the handmade options from Dennis Moreland Tack!

A. Bosa
l — The bosal is a noseband, that when combined with a headstall, makes up the vaquero hackamore or la jaquima. According to Luis Ortega in his book California Hackamore la jaquima was introduced into California from Northern Mexico, the great cattle empire of that time, in the 1770s. It was used by the Dons of Spain who helped colonize parts of California and start large cattle ranches. Each ranch had a caballada or band of highly trained saddle horses which were started in hackamores.